Loving You at First Sight

Hey guys, I am new to this stuff but I did try my best. So please do tel me how you feel about this poem.
Our eyes met,
Our eyebrows raised,
Our lips parted,
As we gazed at each other.

You penetrated my soul,
Answering my questions, untold;
I saw my future,
In your gorgeous eyes.

Your dazzling smile,
Made my heart flutter,
You made me weak,
You made me nervous.

As you came forward,
My heart raced,
My breath heaved,
I almost fainted,
As I smelled your scent.

When you stroked my cheek,
A warmth feeling filled me,
As I closed my eyes,
Leaning to the pleasure,
You were filling me.

As our lips engaged,
Sealing and seeking each other's soul,
Hypnotized in our world,
Just you and me.

That very moment,
I knew,
You are mine,
As I was yours,
Together we will be,
Letting our journey,
Begin from forever,
And end in never,
As long as we both live,
My love is true.
Published: 12/28/2012
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