Lower Abdominal Exercises

Tired of staring at the flab that accumulates on the stomach despite endless workouts? Here are some useful lower abdominal exercise tips to get rid of excess fat.
What's the secret of a well-toned body? Well, no crash diets but loads of exercise! Everybody dreams about perfection but to reach that specific stage takes more than just a balanced diet. A flat and sexy abdomen is on the wish list of many. The lower abdomen is one such area that requires a fixed exercise routine to tone down and strengthen the muscles. Lower abdominal exercises need to be incorporated in the daily exercise program to have flat, washboard abs.

The dream to have flat abs need not remain only as a dream. Contrary to popular belief, lower abdominal exercises are not as complicated as they may sound. These can be merged with regular exercises to get rid of belly fat. Losing weight and having flat abs can be possible even with simple exercise routines.

Steps for Lower Abdominal Exercises

Exercise 1
Crunches are one of the most important exercise programs that should be included in your routine. Using a towel with the basic crunches helps to correct postures. Before doing the exercise, fold a medium-sized towel in half. Then roll it into a tube. Lie flat on the floor and bend your knees. Feet should also be flat on the floor. Now, place the rolled towel underneath where a gap forms naturally between the back (curve of the spine) and the floor. This towel roll acts as a support while doing the crunches. Hold hands tightly behind the head without applying pressure. Gently lift the shoulders off the floor and pause. Exhale while lifting the shoulders. Now, inhale while going back to the starting position. Begin with a set of 8 counts for the initial period. Increase the number of sets gradually.

Exercise 2
Lie flat on the floor. Use the towel beneath your back as mentioned in the previous exercise. Slowly bring your feet up into the air. Now, extend the right arm. Use the lower abdominal area to lift the shoulders off the floor. Try to touch the left toes with the right hand. Slowly lower yourself back to the starting position. Repeat the procedure but with reverse sides. Always remember that knees should remain straight and the chin should not be lowered towards the chest area. Maintaining a correct posture is very important in this case. Begin with a set of 8 counts and gradually increase with every session.

Exercise 3
Lie straight on the floor and place hands on the side. Flex your knees slightly and ensure your feet just brush the floor. Keep the feet together and bend the knees. As you bend, slowly raise legs off the floor. Bring the knees upwards towards the middle area of the body. Then, slowly lower the legs and come back to the starting position. Repeat 8 times. Increase count with every session.

Exercise 4
Stand straight and bend knees slightly. The back should be slightly arched. Inhale deeply as much as possible. Then exhale as deeply as possible. While exhaling, pull the belly button towards the inside. Bring the chin to the chest. Once you have completely exhaled, hold the position for a little while. And as you do so, inhale through lips. Lips should be slightly pressed against each other. Inhale and exhale for around 5-10 seconds. Repeat 8 times when you begin with the exercise routine. The counts can be increased once you are comfortable with the entire workout program.

Consistency in the routine will help you achieve your goal sooner than expected!
By Kashmira Lad
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