Lullaby of My Longing Heart

Something that went through my mind when I couldn't sleep at night.
The rain is crashing,
Roughly against my window,
At this moment it calms,
My restless heart down a little,
Say what I wouldn't do,
To have her beautiful being,
Right beside me again.

Longing to be embraced,
Amazed and happy again,
If she could hear,
What my heart is singing right now,
If she only listened,
To the lullaby of my heart,
About a man who never gave up,
On the love of his life.

A man who never stopped loving her,
Even for a second,
But even if she's not here right now,
And even if I know that she won't hear,
What my echoing heart is whispering,
I'm convinced she feels my love,
Because I feel hers,
For even miles a part,
We are seconds to heart.
Published: 11/11/2013
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