A song of release.
Angels, sing your madrigal to compliment my conscience,
Cast your voices to the breeze, that I may feel their caress,
May your solemn song of love be as earnest as your promise,
To free my wandering soul from the constraints of life's duress.

Sail me across your ocean that I may reach the other side,
Far from the vulgarity that so offends my heart's desire,
Endorse me in the fairytale that is the land where you abide,
Where chivalry and honesty and courtesy are acquired.

I am sullied by the rigmarole of plebeian existence,
Toiling for my masters, that they may glorify themselves,
They hold no honor in their sporrans that does not require riches,
And give no reward to charity, that has nothing for to sell.

I am chided for my vision of an enchanted utopia,
Peacefully idyllic, where beauty meets the eye,
They tell me, I'm impractical and should conform to their agenda,
Yet still my spirit longs to fly and kiss your heavenly sky.

Lend me your wings that I may soar upon your wayward wind,
Free me from the shackles of the slavery of my servitude,
Let me float upon the dream that placates my worldly sin,
And let not my hostile thoughts diverge me from your truth.
Published: 7/20/2012
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