Majesty Palm

Growing majesty palm indoors is a bit challenging for gardening enthusiasts. However, with proper majesty palm indoor care tips, you can maintain it as a decorative houseplant with less hassles.
Majesty palm is a popular ornamental plant, suited for growing, both, in indoors and outdoor garden. In case, you are a newbie in gardening, then consider growing it for landscaping purpose. This palm variety does grow luxuriantly as a houseplant, but requires stringent care level. So, the choice of growing a majesty palm as an indoor plant or garden plant is up to you. Here, we shall take a look at majesty palm description and how to grow it in indoors.

The majesty palm is scientifically represented as Ravenea rivularis. The most desirable features of this palm cultivar is its large green fronds and symmetrical shape. The feathery leaves developed from the stem are about 1½ feet long. At maturity, this palm tree grows to more than 20 feet in home cultivation. However, the height of this palm species in its natural habitat is as tall as 40 feet. When the plant matures, red colored flowers are developed in the top of the crown. The trunk diameter (not the swollen base) of a full-grown majesty palm is about 1 foot.

Majesty Palm: Indoor Care

So, you are interested in growing majesty palm indoors, and are confused about how to care for it? Well, caring for palm tree becomes easy, if you know the growing conditions in its natural habitat. Native to tropical climatic regions, majesty plant grows best in warm and humid conditions. In short, the basic requirements for maintaining a healthy palm are full sunlight, adequate amounts of water and heavy feeding. It is best grown in USDA hardiness zones 9-11.

Plant in Right Container
For indoor gardening of a majesty palm, the first step is to select a container appropriate for the plant height. The plant is maintained in between 5-8 feet to allow maximum exposure to indirect sunlight. Accordingly, select a pot of about 16 inch diameter to hold this indoor palm plant properly. While planting, you are expected to use gravel at the bottom of the pot for allowing proper water drainage.

Purchase Potted Plants
Majesty palms can be propagated from viable seeds. But, sowing and germinating them will take a longer period, as compared to starting from plantlet. Also, it is very difficult to get palm seeds. So, the ultimate choice left to hobbyists is to purchase potted plants from local nurseries. Check for a plant with bright green, healthy fronds and stem. Avoid palms, in which the leaves turn yellowish, or if you notice any sign of disease infestation.

Water Palm Regularly
Since the plant originated in tropical conditions, maintaining high humidity is a must to promote healthy growth. Misting the fronds with a spray bottle once daily is excellent for providing correct humidity level for the plant. Water the palm at regular intervals, preferably once in a week. But, make sure that the soil doesn't remain water-soaked at all times. Excess water may cause root rotting, while very less water leads to drying effects.

Fertilization and Pruning
Another majesty palm care tip for growing indoors is feeding it with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer once in every 2-3 months. Pruning is restricted to dry and wither fronds. Using sharp pruning shears, trim the leaves close to the main stem (about 3 inches from the stem). Pruning helps in preserving nutrients for active growth of the palm and also, minimize disease and pest infestations.

A close monitoring over the soil nutrition content is essential for luxuriant growth of majesty palms. In case, you notice yellowish streaks in the fronds, most likely they are caused due to manganese deficiency. Also, check for pest attacks and identify them in the early stages. The destructive pests for this palm cultivar are spider mites, weevils and mealy bugs. You can spray the affected part with a soapy solution or diluted neem oil to control pests.

Since this palm species requires warm temperature and bright sunlight for optimal growth, it is ideally placed near windows or doors. It cannot tolerate long hours of shade, so transferring to outdoor light is suggested, whenever applicable. If you notice outgrowth of roots, consider re-potting a majesty palm to another larger pot, and follow the same palm care instructions as mentioned above.
By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Published: 3/28/2011
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