Make Hair Look Thicker

Wondering how to make hair look thicker? Here are some tricks and techniques to achieve a thick looking mane.
Thin hair can make you look extremely unattractive. Scalp shining from in-between the thin locks isn't a look that you ever want. But if you are among those unlucky people who are facing the problem of thin hair due to some reason then here is an article to help you. You must first consult a Trichologist, and start a treatment. As the treatment goes on, definitely you are not going to get instant results, the ideas given by me can be considered to make thin hair look thicker. While some have extremely thin hair, some have a good volume but it might not be suitable to your bulky face. So let's get on to know about how to make hair look thicker.

Ideas to Consider

Purchase a hair thickening shampoo, make hair thicker! This is one of the common tips given to have a dense looking mane. Popularly known as volumizing shampoos, these are known to be effective. Just opt for one of these from the best brands in the market. Don't opt for a cheap one, mind well that this might be actually harmful for your hair. You can take suggestions from your hairstylist or doctor to know about the safest brand. You can also check the reviews of shampoos for thinning hair on the internet to pick out the best one. These won't necessarily help hair growth, but would definitely add volume to your hair and final output is thick looking hair.

Styling your hair soon after taking a shower is the easiest way to make fine hair look thicker. Once you have had a head wash, just rub your hair with a towel to get rid of the dripping water. Take a styling product like mousse, hairspray or gel. Take a small amount of it on your hands and run them over your hair to spread it. Once you have covered the hair volume, crunch your hair with both your palms. Move fingers from scalp, and work upwards, like lifting hair from the roots. Now take a blow-dryer. Bend your head downwards to take all hair in front, over your face. Now blow-dry, with a diffuser attached to it. This styling method is sure to make fine hair look thicker. And don't opt for straightening, wavy hair is the best way to cover-up the thin hair look.

Haircuts and Styles
A hairstyle plays a very essential role in making fine thin hair look thicker. There are a number of cute hairstyles for thin hair from which you can opt for the one that suits your hair length and facial shape. Most of the hairstylists suggest to shorten the hair length if you have thin hair. Thin long bangs will give you a very unattractive look. Layered haircuts are one of the most preferred haircuts for thin hair. In case you have long hair and don't want to go beyond shoulder length while cutting off the hair, you can opt for shaggy haircuts, sleek crop haircut, or medium layered haircuts. Make sure your bangs are not of equal length. Cascading layers are also the best.

Make sure you follow the hair care regime. A best tip is to avoid brushing wet hair, when it is most prone to breakage. While the aforementioned tips are sure to help you, don't skip a visit to the Trichologist, he/she will help you to grow hair thicker and healthier. After all, would you not love to have naturally thick hair!
By Mamta Mule
Last Updated: 10/10/2011
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