Make Your Own Party Decorations

Are you planning to arrange a party or a small get together, and make your own party decorations? Well, that's a great idea! Why not take some tips mentioned below and decorate your party area in the best way?
Be it a social gathering or a special occasion, inviting your friends and family and arranging a party need not lead to huge expenses. You can make your own party decoration and save a large amount of money. This will mainly help you add a personal touch to the party area. There are a number of individuals who are interested in working on the decorations. And if you are one of those who wish to decorate the party area in your own way, then here are some ideas for you. No matter, whether you wish to save a little money, or jazz up the space according to your taste, the following tips on how to make your own party decorations are sure to help you in your task.

Tips on Making Your Own Decorations

Organize the Party Area
Well, you might have decided the party area in advance. So the first task is de-cluttering the area and creating free space. It is best to have separate party area and dining area. This will help you have more space in the party hall. Make the required seating arrangements in party area as well. Have chairs and tables already placed here, so that you get a proper idea of the space to be decorated.

Choose the Decor Items
To start with the decorations decide the major decor items that you will be using. There are plenty of options that you can consider. You can opt for crepe paper streamers, satin ribbons, metallic ribbons and balloons. Balloons are best pieces to be used while you make your own birthday decorations. Another idea is to use fresh flowers as the major decor element and use satin ribbons with them. Next you can opt for tulle, satin fabric, balloons and flowers. Lighting and tulle is a great combination to be used while making your own decorations for garden parties.

Work on the Decorations
Drape the chairs and tables with satin fabric. Make sure you follow a color theme and maintain uniformity. Add contrast colored tulle or satin bows to the chairs. Next, you need to drape the pillars using chosen decor item. Buy two sets of china lanterns in colors that match the theme. Now take a set of 3-5 lanterns and suspend them from ceiling right above each table. If you are not placing tables in the party area, just suspend them from ceiling at equal distance, covering the entire party hall. Well, no need to add light bulbs to these, as they alone are enough to spice up the room.

Adorn the pillars by draping twisted ribbons or tulle spirally around it, from top to bottom. Spice up the walls with tulle or twisted crepe paper streamers fixed in curvy pattern. If you are using tulle make sure that you choose a color contrasting with wall color. Now take flowers that match with tulle. Add white flowers as well. Fix bunches of flowers on the wall, in-between the curves of tulle. You can also opt for balloons of matching color, which offer a cheaper alternative to fresh flowers. Use metallic ribbons to add a glamorous touch to the decorations. Using large flowers is a great idea, while you make the decorations, as these look more attractive and get noticed in between other decor items.

While working on homemade decorations, don't forget to beautify the outdoors. For an evening party, decorate the outdoors with lighting, even if the party area is indoors. Make sure that the entire space from entryway till the party area is decorated rightly. For occasions like birthday or anniversary you can make banners of cardboard and put them up on the wall.

Try out once and you will definitely agree that making party decorations on your own is not a tough task. Are you ready? Explore your creativity and get set to make decorations that will highlight your style!
By Mamta Mule
Published: 3/24/2011
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