Makeup Hides It - Chapter 11

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"What are you doing here?" I yelled.

"I knocked I swear." He said holding his hands up in surrender, "No one answered but I heard people so I came back. I didn't want to interrupt your conversation so I waited till he left."

"To scare the living shit out of me!" I said, "Elliot you can't just do that."

He laughed and I couldn't stay mad, as bad as I just peed myself, it was funny. "I'm sorry is there anything I can do to possibly make you forgive me?"

"Hmm... well an early dinner sounds pretty good to me."

He smiled and said, "Well, of course anything for you." And as he finished saying that his lips met mine and he kissed me softly and intently and then it just wasn't a kiss but I was pushed up against the wall and I think that this was all I could take for dinner. We didn't need to go anywhere. I was completely full with him and it was quite appetizing, if I must keep going with this whole food analogy.

And just then walking through the door I heard Evan and... and Mark.

"I was just stopping by to see if there was anything you wanted me to bring to the hospital. I was just on..." Mark stopped mid-sentence when he saw Elliot with his arms around my waist and our lips slowly parting.

"Hanna, you do have a room." Evan said slipping by us. Elliot laughed silently and then stopped when he saw Mark.

"Umm, hi." He said.

Mark nodded and I stepped out of Elliot's hold and slapped Mark in the arm not that it did any good to him, he was all muscle. He rolled his eyes and started to walk away, "Elliot, I'll meet you outside in one minute."

"No need Hanna, you can go right now."

"Shut-up Mark, Elliot I will be right out."

I turned to Mark and pushed him to the left into the living room where he stood not looking me in the face. "Will you talk to me, please." I pleaded.

"Hanna, what do you want me to say, congrats." He said this smugly but still wouldn't look me in the eye.

"Mark please look at me, you know I didn't mean for you to see that..."

"Oh, so it's okay when you are doing it behind my back, that's fine?" He rolled his eyes and it just seemed like I wasn't winning. "I'm going to the hospital to see Kaleb, I was coming over to see if you wanted to come, clearly you have other plans, but is there anything you want me to tell him."

"Tell him I'll be there to see him soon." I said.

He nodded and as he was about to walk out he pulled out his wallet and threw a small package at me. "Be safe." He said walking away.

I know he was doing it to be mean, to say look you won't do 'it' with me but here you can go do 'it' with him, but I had to laugh, no matter what Mark couldn't stay mad at me and inside he thought that was funny too and a couple of months ago, he would have laughed while doing that, calling me babe or princess and then pinching my butt before walking out. I guess some things really do change, maybe for the better, maybe not.

"I'm sorry." I said to Elliot for probably the fifteenth time, "Really that was so uncalled-for, I guess he forgot something or I don't know that was horrible though."

Elliot laughed and nodded, and said, "That was some meeting. Hey can we stop at my aunt's, I just want to grab some money and things."

"Sure." I said, "But I have money."

"No, I owe you remember and then I would owe you more, and then this wouldn't be the date I thought it was."

I smiled and said, "What kind of date did you think it was?"

"This kind." He said pulling over to the side of the road and parking the car, he leaned over the console and kissed me, long and hard. I smiled into his lips and thought of how nice it would be to be able to do this everyday with one guy who would love me for me and everything I had to offer, my crappy clothes and undone makeup.

When we started again, I realized how much had changed in the last few months as I looked at his hand holding mine. When we first met it was April and now it was heading towards June kind of quickly. My mom was coming to an end in her pregnancy, Mark and I had gone from friends to friends with benefits and Elliot and I were still not sure where we stood. Some hot cop was flirting with me on a case that was serious, my brother was in the hospital and my sister and brother flew back in to take care of the family. My dad was nowhere to be found except some random phone call and I, well I was lost and found at the same time.

We pulled into the driveway and we both got out. The house isn't big, and isn't nice. I was here once when I was younger but not after that. When I walked in, a woman and two kids sat on the floor and an older man sat on the couch. A black boy leaned against the wall, he was probably sixteen and an older woman was in the kitchen talking to them. Taryon and Trayvon were nowhere to be seen. The house had fallen apart since I last saw it, the paint was peeling and the cute little house had become the aftermath of a ton of parties and cop calls. A younger girl probably fourteen came walking down the hallway and walked over to the black boy and kissed him. Then she looked at me staring and said, "Who are you?" She looked just like the twins and I knew she was the cute little girl Taryon used to share a room with.

"I'm here..."

Elliot saved me, he hadn't walked too far off, but by now the woman had stopped talking and the kids had stopped playing, everyone was looking at me. "She's my friend and she is aloud to be here just as much as y'all are."

"Who do you think you are?" She asked placing her hands on her hips, the black boy stood there not moving an inch.

"What do you mean who am I, Tessa you are no better than the rest and for starters you're no older so hush you trap, now why don't 'cha."

The way they spoke got to me, he would never talk like that to me. "I don't know who you are boy, but you listen to me, I don't care who's home you in, you don't tell a woman to hush her trap."

"Pa," he said, "Keep the gurl in line won't 'cha."

He nodded and said, "Tessa, why don't you move along, see ya later then."

She stepped forward and got real close to me before shoving her shoulder into mine, the black boy slowly followed her and eyed me when he walked past.

Elliot went to turn around and lead me out when the woman in the kitchen stopped, "Oh now dalin', why don't 'cha introduce your lady here."

"This is Hanna, Hanna this is the family."

"Well isn't it a pleasure!" She said walking closer, "I'm so glad Elliot has made friends."

"Oh hush it Aunty." The woman on the floor said, "Leave the poor kid alone."

"I know, I know." She said turning around, "Have a nice day."

"Me name Gia." The littlest girl said.

"Yes Gia is your name." The man said smiling down at the girl.

"See ya later, Gia, Karmen." And that was it, we were out.

I guess this is what people mean when they say put yourself in their shoes. I wouldn't know how to live in a family with people like that. I guess I was considerably lucky even for as much that has happened to my family.

As school came to an end Jenni had to get back to work as a hairdresser because she had taken a while off to try to help us coming and going. Evan was realizing he needed to get back to work as well, but before he left he said he wanted us to meet the girl he had been seeing and he had some news.

I bounded down the stairs when I saw his car pull up and swung the door open. It was warm and the nights were longer and it felt like family to me and I loved the feeling.

"Evan, introduce me!" I squealed, he shook his head at me and grabbed her bag.

"My name's Chrissy." She said.

"Hanna." I said just before my mother and her over-stuffed belly walked out.

"Well, honey isn't she pretty?"

Chrissy blushed and smiled thanking my mom, it was funny how my mom acted around other people compared to how she treated her own children. Chrissy and I did a lot together while she was here and even Emmy, who has been hiding out for the past month or so joined us.

It was great to have girl team and when Chrissy and Evan left I started hanging out with Emmy again. I was sitting in her living room floor on the couch, her belly was just becoming a bump now. "You fell off the earth, you rarely talked in lunch and then you started skipping lunch and not even coming. I missed you but I figured that you had things to do, family issues."

I nodded, "I just want to be here for you and the baby."

I was on my way home, from the hospital, when I got a call from Mark.
I answered right away thinking he wanted me over there and we could work things out. Why this made my heart skip a beat I had no clue, I mean I liked Elliot too. "Hanna... Hanna... I don't know how... he just... please help me." He sobbed into the phone and this threw me off so much.

"Babe, hey baby slow down, take a deep breath I'm on my way." I didn't need him to explain further, when he cried you knew something was up.

When I pulled up, I barely stopped the car before jumping out. I heard sirens and knew the police were on their way but I didn't know for what.

The weird thing was that nothing was outside, no cars no toys nothing.
I ran inside expecting there to be people commotion something to go along with his voice. I was more like hoping because I didn't want to do whatever this was by myself. I didn't know where to go not hearing anybody, so I ran down the stairs. As soon as I did I regretted it. There he was, lying there one eye beaten so badly, it was still bleeding. Half his arm was bruised with finger marks, his mouth was slightly open and the saliva was dripping out. His eyes were rolled in the back of his head and he wasn't moving.

He looked drugged and beaten and it horrified me.


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