Makeup Hides It - Chapter 7

Confusion for Hanna? Maybe Elliot is better for her, but does Mark know more things? Who is she more comfortable with? Lots on Elliot in this chapter.
I turned my phone on as I walked through my empty house. Kaleb had brought it to school after I left it at home last night, surprisingly there was nothing from my mom wondering where I was. My car was the only one in the driveway, I wondered where my mom was but remembered our fight and forgot it. Elliott asked if I would be okay by myself and I loved that he cared, but what was I doing. I mean was I really with Mark or was I just telling myself that?

My phone vibrated and I had 6 new messages, and 15 missed calls, and 5 voice mails. I clicked on the voice mails.

"Hanna meet us by the football fields after you are out of class, you have a doctor appointment, me or Mark is going to take you, and listen.
Hanna please don't go home, not by yourself. Talk to you later."
I clicked delete, I don't need a babysitter.

"Babe, what is going on. Hanna please answer your phone. You are going to miss the doctors. Hanna I don't even care about the doctors I just want to make sure you aren't home by yourself, Hanna please tell me that you aren't. I love you, please call me."

Why did he have to care, I hated that there were guys who cared for me. I like my brothers love but why couldn't both Elliot and Mark love me like a sister. It would make things so much easier.

"Hey Han, Mark and Kaleb called me, where are you? Look I know it's scary I'm having a baby and you're gonna be an aunt and godmother but you gotta get through this, call me hun, bye."

I laughed, Emmy always made things easier on me. She could joke at the totally wrong times but it always made me smile.

"Hanna I swear if you are at home by yourself right now, Kaleb is going to be pissed, so get here now!"

I knew that both Mark and Kaleb were mad, no, now pissed but I could take care of myself.

Just then the door downstairs opened and shut. I looked out of my window, there was no car in the driveway.

I opened my door and crept down the stairs. I turned the corner.

"Hey!" My brother Evan screamed.

"Oh my gosh I was so scared, thank goodness." I ran to him and hugged him. I didn't want to let go, my family, no, my siblings were the best things ever.

"So where is everyone?" He asked.

I backed up and looked down, "I'm supposed to be at the doctors, Mark and Kaleb were going to take me and well I decided to go for a drive with a friend and then he dropped me off here, and well mom and Jim, well I have no idea where they are. See you have a lot to catch up on."

"Well I know about Jim and Kaleb caught me up a little bit last night when he called me in a panic. I couldn't get a sooner flight or else I would have been here sooner, and Jenni has to finish up some work at her new salon and then she should be here, maybe next week."

"Can you believe it summer is almost here, Kaleb is going to college, I'm gonna be a senior. At home by myself."

"No, you'll have the baby and mom."

"I don't want the baby or mom."

"Come on Hanna it was a little fight..."

"A little fight! A little fight! You are joking right, I have a broken hand because of a little fight with a man who isn't my father and a woman I barely know anymore."

"Come on, calm down."

Just then the door swung open, it was Mom.

"Evan, oh I am so happy to see you." She said as she walked in

"Hey mom, sorry for the surprise drop by."

"No it's fine I love it, I wish I had time to prepare but you could help with the baby stuff. I mean I'm seven months now, things are crazy though."

"You could say." I said.

"Hanna, I missed you last night."

"Be quiet." I said.

"That's no way to talk to your mother." Jim said as he walked in.

"Okay, well how's this both of you shut the hell up, is that to your standards?"

"Now Hanna, what happened was an incident it didn't mean anything, you know that right."

"Be quiet Jim, no one likes you okay?"

"I do." My mom said smiling.

"You're truly an idiot mom, seriously I feel bad for that kid."

"Well, you turned out fine."

"Yeah, I had a decent father."

"Yeah and what happened with that, looks like he got tired of you and left huh?" Jim said. I clenched my fist, Evan stepped in front of me. "Yeah, see things don't always work out, kids aren't always wanted and it seems that you were left right?"

Evan turned around, "You know, I've never had a problem with you Jim. But I can only hold her back for so long, so if she rips your face off I might just have to help her."

I smirked at him and walked around him. He grabbed my arm and Evan punched him straight in the jaw. My mother gasped.

"You need help." Evan said before pushing me out.

We drove in my car to the high school where Kaleb, Mark, and Emmy sat waiting for me.

"Where were you!" Kaleb screamed as I got out of the car ignoring Evan.

"I went for a drive with a friend, I don't need to go to the doctors. I'll be fine."

"Hanna that's not the point, we were worried." Kaleb said.

"Hey, guys give her a break. I think everyone needs a little break from watching each other all the time. I think the three of you need to watch out for yourselves and yourselves only for a little while, at least while I'm home. I can watch the three of you."

"What about me?" Emmy asked smiling at him.

"Of course Emmy."

I looked away from past them. I saw Elliott's car in a parking spot. I wondered if he was in it or if he was running the track or what. I hadn't told Evan about me and Mark and that would be the only trouble with watching out for only ourselves.

Everyone went home, Emmy stayed a little while after. She wants to keep the baby but she has to talk to Lucas about if he wants the baby too.

I sat on the curb in front of my car facing the road watching the cars drive by. I was lost in thought and hadn't realized that Elliott was beside me.

"Hey." He said.

"Oh, hi." I said, "You scared me."

"Sorry." He said sitting down and putting his hand on my leg. It made me go red and I didn't want to look at him. "So what's going on?"

"My family." I said, "complications."

"Isn't everyone's family complicated." He said laughing.

I smiled, "That's true. Well, you know so much about me, what about you?"

"Mmhmm, well I am from a perfect family and everything is just perfect." He said nudging me. I laughed, "Okay kidding, well you know I am living with Trayvon and Taryon and you know about my sister and Giavanna and Karmen."

"I know but what about your parents? Your childhood before Giavanna and Karmen."

"That was a while ago. But it wasn't the best, we lived in a home with six adults, it was my sister Elena and me in a house with my mom and my dad four other adults that were into drugs. They gave Elena and me a bedroom so that when they had people over they could lock us in there. We shared a room until Elena was fifteen and I was only seven. She moved in with this boy. He was really nice to me, he came from a Christian home, it was great we learned about God and everything. We started going to church with them while my parents were hung over and high." He took a breath and then said, "Want to go back to my house, we can sit out back and talk, I don't think anyone is home yet."

I nodded but I didn't want him to stop talking, stop trusting me. I wanted to know about him.

"We can leave your car here. I can drive you back later."
When we got to his house he lead me around the back out into a big patch of grass. There were two kennels with two dogs in each,they looked up and one stood up but none barked. It was a cute little house but I didn't know how nine people were living in it.

"So do you really want me to continue?" He asked, "I don't have to, we can talk about your family or school or boys or whatever."

"Nope." I said smirking, "I want to know about you."
We sat in two picnic chairs. He pushed his closer to mine and put his hand over mine.

"Well, I forget where I was," he sat there for a second and then said, "Oh yeah Josiah, that's what his name was. His parents would let us sleep over on Saturday night and then we would go to church. I loved it, my sister seemed to love him and it was great for about a year maybe a little more. But I mean, remember she was only fifteen and he came from a perfect family and we came from a dysfunctional family. So one day he came to pick Elena up because she didn't have a car and he knocked on the door. She was still getting ready and mom and dad were already drunk and high, someone was in the bathroom puking and someone was smoking something. I remember because the house was full of smoke. I heard someone knock and was going to get the door when my 'uncle' answered the door. I remember exactly what he said 'who the hell are you, I don't believe in God, I never will, never, have so leave us alone got it kid.' And he slammed the door. Josiah knocked again and now he was mad, 'I warned you kid, I'm sorry you ever came over here' and he pulled out a gun. I was about eight and I watched as he shot him in the arm, he wasn't dead yet and I started screaming, he started screaming and my 'uncle' shot him in the head. He was dead there on our front porch. What kind of sick man would kill an innocent fifteen-year-old boy."

He turned away from me and faced the backyard, I couldn't tell if he was crying or just upset, I squeezed his hand, "I just can't believe I ever lived with people like that. He was arrested but I was terrified that someone would do that to me. I still am to this day. I hate guns, I hate the sound, I hate those movies, it's all memories of the past, something I don't need to go through again. That wasn't the last time I saw someone get shot. My sister moved in with a horrible guy, after Josiah she hasn't had a good relationship. She got pregnant at seventeen and the baby lived at my house for a while. The baby was eight months old, I had her in the living room, she was laughing at the music that was on. I was home by myself and I was only nine now, the memories still haunted me. The doorbell rang and Devaun the baby's dad walked in with a gun and a taser. I thought he was going to shoot me. He said, 'so listen put the kid down and come over here.' I did as I was told and when I was walking toward him he shot, not me though the baby and she screamed so loud and I dropped to my knees and cried holding the only thing I really knew my niece, a nine-year-old boy has witnessed two deaths in the past three years. It sucked really and I started coming home only once a month. I would steal money and live off of bread and tap water, I would live under bridges. I went to school only for shelter and I thought maybe I could be a good kid. But things never went my way, I hadn't talked to my sister for about three years. I was fourteen when she found me and she had a newborn baby, Karmen, the boy Jacob was nice to me. We lived in his apartment, I went to school and it was good then two years later Giavanna was born. My mom would visit sometimes and my dad was now in jail, I still don't know why. And so my mom acted like she cared and then Jacob started drugs, that he got from my mom. He started beating my sister and that was this past few months and then my mom died of an overdose and so did Jacob, me and my sister are now here, stuck in this too good for us town." He said smiling at us. I smiled back.

"Thank you." I said, "for trusting me, for telling me everything."


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