Making Fruit Gel Candles

Fruit gel candles are becoming very popular due to their exceptional beauty and attractive look. Read on to know about making fruit gel candles.
Candles are an integral part of any kind of celebrations, including weddings, birthdays or any festive events. Candles of various colors and shapes can be creatively used for eye-catching wedding decorations, baby shower decorations or party decorations. A large variety of candles are available in the market. However, you can get some tips about how to make candles from different books or websites and create beautiful candles on your own.

Fruit gel candle is an excellent alternative to a traditional wax candle. It is a combination of visual appeal and rich fragrances of different fruits. Traditional candles are made from a specific type of opaque wax, while gel candles are made from a soft, transparent gel of plastic polymer and mineral oil. Due to soft consistency of the gel, gel candles are made in a glass container. You can embed other objects such as wax fruit, glitter or glass miniature that can be seen through the gel. These specially designed embeds come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, such as fruit slices, peppermint candies, candy corn, shells, goldfish, dolphins, etc.

How to Make Fruit Gel Candles

Fruit gel candles add a glamorous touch to your home décor. They can be used as an elegant party favor or centerpiece at different occasions such as baby showers, bridal showers, weddings or birthday parties. You can easily make fruit gel candles with the help of gel candle making kits. These kits consist of all the materials required for making the candles. While making the gel candles, you can add various attractive colors and fruit fragrances. Orange, red, yellow, and green are some ideal colors for fruit gel candles. Have a look at following tips to make fruit gel candles.

You will require a gel wax, zinc core wicks, essential oils with specific fruit fragrances, fruit embeds, colors, rubbing alcohol, glass jars and double boiler. Selection of a right embed is very important. Embeds in the shape of small pieces of fruits can be a lovely addition to a fruit gel candle.

  • First, clean the glass jars thoroughly. Remove any grease or fingerprints on the glass with the help of rubbing alcohol. Allow the glass jars to dry completely.
  • Cut the wick to the size that is required for the candle. Attach a pencil to one end of the wick and keep it aside.
  • Melt the gel wax in a double boiler over a medium-low temperature. Add essential oil, dye and fragrance to hot gel wax and mix it well.
  • Meanwhile, warm the glass jars in the oven at 160 degrees F.
  • Remove the jars from the oven. Then carefully dip the fruit embeds in the hot melted gel wax.
  • Arrange the embeds inside the jar in the desired design.
  • Place the pencil across the jar, allowing the wick to hang down the center of the jar.
  • Pour the melted gel into the jar. Allow it to cool and solidify, before detaching the wick from the pencil.
  • Trim it to about ¼ inch above the top of the gel.
  • Place the jar in a hot water container in order to remove excess wax and wipe with a moist cloth.
Making fruit gel candles is full of fun and excitement. They add a decorative, stylish look to your home decor with their exquisite beauty.
By Reshma Jirage
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