Making Pew Bows - How to Make Pew Bow Ribbons

Want to make attractive pew bows on your own? Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to make pew bows.
A wedding decoration is considered incomplete without pew bows. You can add style and elegance to the decorations for any special occasion by using wedding pew bows. Instead of ordering ready-made pew bows, you can make the occasion more special by creating custom-made designs on your own. Pew bows can be created in varied patterns and colors, by considering the wedding theme and other decorations. Making pew bows is very easy, provided you have the necessary requirements and follow certain tips. Let's take a look on how to make pew bows.

Easy Tips for Making Pew Bows

Prior to making the pew bows, you can decide on the color and fabric of the ribbon. Satin florist ribbon looks more stylish than the regular fabric. For making pew bows, you require the following materials: 3 - inch wide ribbon, fine strands of florist wire, florist tape, hot glue and plastic pew clips or hooks. Florist wire usually comes in plain, white or green color. Make sure that the color of the ribbon matches with the wire color.

For creating a single pew bow, you will require 3 yards of ribbon. According to the number of pew bows that you want to make, you can calculate the required ribbon yards needed. After you are ready with all these necessary materials, you can start making the pew bows. First of all, cut the florist ribbon into 3 - yard length pieces. Take a separate piece of 3 - yard ribbon and cut 4 feet lengths out of it for the streamers.

Starting with a free end of the florist ribbon, fold and make a small loop (of about 2 ½ inches). Take a florist wire and wrap through the loop by orienting the wire at the back of the bow. Hold the remaining end of the bow and make a loop on the opposite direction of the first loop. Make sure that the second loop is below the first loop. At the center of the bow, you can twist the floral wire and make another third larger loop in the same direction as the first loop.

Make a fourth loop in the same orientation as the second loop, but of the same size as the third loop. Following this, twist the wire at the center and make another larger loop. Continue to make loops with successive increase in size and twisting the floral wire at the mid-point after making a pair of loops. Doing so will help in securing the loops properly. You can also bind the ribbon ends by the wire, so as to secure the loops that you are creating.

After the whole length of the florist ribbon is used for making loops, you can wrap the center of the pew bow with the wire. Make necessary adjustments to spread the ribbon loops so that it resembles a floral bloom. Take the 4 feet long ribbon that you have cut for using as streamers. Fold it in the middle and fix to the bow by using the florist wire. Twist the wire tightly to hold the bow loops and also the streamers properly. You can secure the loose ends of the wire by wrapping floral tapes over it.

Well! This is in brief about pew bow making directions. You can also make use of flower blooms, strings of pearls, decorative grape cluster and appropriate lengths of tulle for adding more charm. Big flowers surrounded by other small flowers, grape clusters and uniformly arranged green leaves can be attached to the center of the pew bow by using hot glue and / or florist wire. Fix the bow to the pew clips and then to the pew and admire your creativity.
By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
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