This is something simple that I wrote to my mum it is a little thing too show her how much that I love her & thank you mum you're everything to me
Dear my guardian angel
Mama I need u where can I go, you're the only one that I can run to
Please mama don't leave me here, this world without u is a shit
F*ck this world I want 2 leave, but without you I couldn't be here.
You kept me alive & you made me survive
I love you mama
I need you mama
Keep me by your side & hold me tight
All this problems that I've been through you were the one who stood by my side
…'ll always be the one who I'll run to no one else will take your place
…..& always by my side.

Love you mum

Sincerely yours
Published: 11/21/2008
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