Mama's Love

A poem describing a daughters love for and memories of her mother.
I never did too much in life to make my mama proud of me
But her love shined brightly in her eyes for all to see
She gave me life and taught me how to live it
Mama gave me love and taught me how to give it
I remember being rocked to sleep by her sweet lullabyes
But now mama sits alone and quite often even cries
Now mamas chair has wheels and she tires easily these days
Yet she holds on to happy memories and in her heart she prays
Mama used to watch the clock for time for daddy to come home
But now she sits and counts the years that daddy has been gone
Still she sits and wears a smile and love shines brightly in her eyes
And in my mamas dear sweet heart I know love will never die
Each passing day I give my thanks to the good Lord up above
Because each one that passes is one more chance to return my dear sweet mothers love.
Published: 10/14/2010
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