Man's Beloved Shoe

"Why, he is mad," the townspeople say,
Obsessed with his shoe in an odd way.
He would give up his arm for that boot,
Anything to provide a glove for his foot.
We feel sorry for any mistresses in his life,
For he will choose his shoe over his wife."

"His boot is decades old, yet it looks brand new,
He takes the utmost care for his beloved shoe,
He has christened it; her name is Frankie Rue,
Yes, surprisingly enough, it has a gender too."

"Why, this is rather bizarre, I must say,
"If you will excuse me, I'll be on my way."
I take my leave to search for him today,
Hoping that everything told is hearsay.

Unfortunately, I discovered in the late noon,
His obsession for the old shoe all too soon,
Unhappy I was, I told him he must change,
For his unconventional love is too strange.

"You are the jester of the town, my brother,
They ridicule you for the way you smother,
An inanimate, unresponsive tool designed,
To walk on the dirt; steps we leave behind."

The words I say did not reach the first ear,
He embraces his shoe which he holds dear,
Upon then, I smelt the faintest of a gas leak,
Senseless he is, he does not detect the reek.

The house burns down to the ground,
I ensure that we leave safe and sound,
Unfortunately, my brother is dissatisfied,
Crying out that he's left his shoe inside.

"Let me go," he yells. "Frankie needs me!"
Of course, I refuse to let him go so easily.
He is crazy, perhaps he has a brain defect,
To want to risk his life for a bootless object.

Is his love a sign of strength or weakness?
Pushing me aside with brute carelessness,
He charges towards the burning red flames,
Never to be seen again; it is a great shame.


I always thought the notion of an afterlife ceased to exist,
Yet, here I am, through the tunnel of white light and mist.
Floating before me, I see my ol' companion, Frankie Rue.
Beautiful as the day we met; the snowflake among shoes.

"I have been given a voice amongst all the other boots," she says,
"Because of your unconditional love, I can sing forever and a day."

It brings me to tears that we can finally be one, away from society,
Away from judgemental eyes, away from those that cause anxiety.
To soar through this magical universe together in sweet tranquility,
To never be separated again and love each other for all of eternity.
Published: 9/20/2018
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