Marriage Cartoons

Cartoons are funny and yet put across a pertinent point. Marriages are said to be made in heaven, but with marriage cartoons, which are full of fun and satire, you are tempted to think otherwise! Read on to decipher how this whole theory of 'marriages made in heaven' goes for a toss with these cartoons.
Story Minute: "No Promises"
No Promises - Cartoon
The word "COMMITMENT" made her cringe.
Story Minute: Dueling Bimbos
Her husband’s ex returned after many years away. The woman hadn’t aged a day or gained a single pound.
Story Minute: "Pet Names"
Their billing and cooing was a bit unusual. My wee fromage! My sticky Velcro!
Crying Macho Man: 3 Wishes
Be careful what you wish for.
Can't Live Without You!
This Doc makes house calls!
I'd recommend sleeping on it.
Night Tremors
This couple gets a shock in the middle of the night.
The Hickey
Diego has a tough time keeping it in his pants.
the K Chronicles: "The First Baby Card"
From the makers of the 9/11 card..
the K Chronicles: "One Small Snorkel For Me"
A non-swimmer goes snorkeling.
the K Chronicles: "Who's Yo Daddy?"
Keef dives in to Fatherhood.
"Worry Warrior"
The woman constantly worried. Always exploring futures where anything could go wrong, she felt compelled to voice her concerns.
Darling, because the judge declared my missing husband legally dead, we were free to get married!
Story Minute: "Multiple Choice"
She had a couple of dozen personalities. "Brenda"…
"Too Rich"
Listen To This: "In some American Indian tribes, a ceremony to initiate relations with another tribe included the burning of the tribe’s most valuable possession."
the K Chronicles: "Off to Germany!!"
Keef returns to Deutschland..
(th)ink: "The Popular Vote"
Arizona may soon have the highest voter turnout in history..
the K Chronicles: "..Hits the Road!!"
Keef hits the road to recharge the batteries..
What are you doing? Fixing the remote…
the K Chronicles: "How NOT to Start Off.. THE END"
Keef's wife is out of surgery and in recovery...
the K Chronicles: "How NOT to Start Off Part Two"
Keef's Wife goes in for surgery..
the K Chronicles: "Red Suit, Red Nose, Red Lobster!!"
Keef gets a grand gift from his lil sis...
the K Chronicles: "The Miracle of Nature"
Keef recalls a trip his in-laws took to Ano Nuevo.
the K Chronicles: "Here's to Three Years.."
Keef' s Wedding Anniversary strip..
the K Chronicles: "Getting Deep w/ Deepak"
Keef's wife turns him onto meditation...
the K Chronicles: "Eye-Key-Yah!!"
Keef receives a horrifying phone -call...
the K Chronicles: "One Fine Day below the Big Fig Tree"
Keef & the Wifey on the road in Santa Barbara, Ca...
the K Chronicles: "Happy!! Happy!! Gay!! Gay!!"
Keef plays embedded cartoonist in the War over Gay Marriage in San Francisco...
the K Chronicles:"K.K.K. Appreciation Week"
Keef dedicates this week's strip to his beloved..
the K Chronicles: "das village der viruses & vomit"
Keef is forced into servitude whilst visiting his brother-in-law..
the K Chronicles: "Life's Little Vics IN GERMANY!!"
Keef celebrates the little things...overseas..
the K Chronicles: "Die K Kronik"
I'm in Germany visiting my in-laws at the moment...
the K Chronicles:"Those Damn Yankees!!"
Keef comically curses those dreaded Bronx Bombers...
the K Chronicles: "Virtual Spousal Abuse"
More whining from Keef...this time about how much his wife beats him...
the K Chronicles: "Enough with the Negativity!"
Keef decides to focus on the positive.
the K Chronicles: "the German are coming!!"
Keef confesses to harboring peace-loving German folks in his flat.
He finally popped the question: Will you marry me?
"The Big Hitch"
Allen was separated when we met...