All about being a mother....
Puppies were tucking under the huge canine.
Mom was licking softly assuring they are fine.

Newborns were missing her womb, very warm.
She cuddled all in an effort to keep them calm.

In a jiffy, alleviated was their fear by her gentle hug.
With their soft and silky paws, in to their mother, they dug.

Climbing all over her and slipping down, they began to play.
Watchful mother kept alert lest they become some carnivore’s prey.

The famished four turned aggressive to be fed first.
One loud bark from the mother and all fell quiet!!

Peacefully fed was each one with intermittent yawn.
Tummy full, furry four slept to glory till dawn.

Sleepy mother’s eyes were wide open all through!
To thwart any unforeseen danger, she had to!

The maternal instinct in her stayed vigilant and agile.
No tactics or temptations were able to beguile!
Published: 8/22/2011
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