Me, Marie and Bree: Chapter Eleven

Last Chapter, and I'm so sorry about the wait. The pic is of Eben.
That moment on the bus seemed to change things for me. I still loved Elijah. I always would. But seeing Ebenezer changed things. I realized that I could be happy. And that was what Elijah would want. Elijah stopped appearing to me after a few months but I knew he would always be with me.

A year had passed since the first time I met Ebenezer, and a lot had changed by now. Me, Marie and Bree didn't hang out anymore.

Marie started hanging out with more druggist kids and Bree was always busy studying. She was pouring herself into her school work and preparing for college. She was planning to graduate a year earlier than the rest of us. She would have enough credits if she passed all her classes this year. She had a full schedule, and never took time away from studying to hang out.

It was like Elijah's death changed everything...

Eben broke into my thoughts. "What are you thinking about?"

I turned slowly from the window I'd been staring out. "What?"

He chuckled. "I asked what you were thinking about."

"Oh." I was hesitant to answer... he didn't know about Elijah. I hadn't told him. "I was thinking about Elijah."

He rose an eyebrow, something I was never able to do. I could raise both, just not one at a time. "Who's Elijah?"

"It's a long story... but I can shorten it... Elijah was my last boyfriend. He uh... he meant so much to me... You remember the school play I was in last year?" When he nodded I continued.

"Well, Elijah was supposed to play the male lead... but only a few weeks before the performances he was hit by a car and he... he died" I surprised myself by not crying. My eyes were teary but I was able to compose myself. "I guess I was just thinking about how much has changed since then."

"I'm so sorry... that must have been so hard for you." He rubbed my shoulder soothingly, and I hugged him.

"It was, but... I know he wants me to be happy."

"Are you happy?" He asked, looking down at me.

I wrapped my arms tighter around him and looked up into his eyes. I was silent for a second, lost in his gorgeous eyes before smiling. "Yeah. With you, I am."

He smiled back and dipped his head down to kiss me gently. And I knew then, that yes, I really was happy. Me, Marie and Bree may not have been able to stick together like we always thought we would, but that didn't bug me as much as it would have a year ago. Things change, and not everyone has a perfect ending, but with Ebenezer, I just might get that chance.
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Yamini, You caught me ha..ha, yes I love watching Disney... and nick too :P thanks so much. I hope you like the chapter.

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Hey guys, I am extremely sorry about the long wait, but so much has happened I've been wicked busy and I had chapter 11 fully written twice, but the first one got deleted, and I didn't like the one I rewrote, so here it is finally... not as good as it was the first time, and I'm sorry about that. I hadn't planned for this to be the last chapter, but it is, it just worked out that way. I really hope you guys don't mind, and I hope none of you hate me.

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Published: 8/6/2011
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