Me, Marie and Bree: Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Pic is of Mica.
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Chapter Two:
Mica's POV

"And then you have to shake it for five seconds every thirty seconds." I told him, handing him the container. It had developing film and chemicals in it and I pointed to the clock. "Okay, so shake it now. For five seconds." He did and then we waited.

"And shake it again." We did that until it was done. "Okay, now we can drain it, and rinse it with water." I took the container and opened the cover, pouring the chemicals back into the container. I rinsed it out and then took the film out.

I unwrapped the film from the canister and hung it up in the special drying thing. "Okay, now when they're all dry we can check and see how good the pictures turned out to be. And then we can work on turning the negatives into positives.

The bell rang a few seconds later. "Only Earth Science and Drama left." I smiled at him as I grabbed my bag on the way out the door. "Earth Science is the best class, other than drama."

After stopping at my locker for some stuff, I led Elijah to Earth Science. Marie and Bree were already there. This is the only class we all have together. We sat at a group of four desks, me and Elijah on one side, with Marie and Bree on the other side. Bree was across from me and Marie was across from Elijah.

"Hows your first day going?" Marie asked him, glancing at me and smiling faintly before turning back to Elijah. She could tell I liked him, and by the way she looked at me, I knew she was telling me to go for it.

"It's been okay. I got Mica and me both a Saturday detention though."

"Are you serious?" Bree gaped, propping her elbows up on her desk and leaning closer. "No way! Mica's never ever had a detention before!"

"Really?" Elijah turned to me and I blushed. "I am so sorry Mica. I really didn't mean to get you in trouble."

I shrugged. "It's fine. There's a first time for everything right?" I tried to act like it didn't bug me. And it didn't... not too much anyway. Inside I was freaking out a little because I knew my mom would be upset. At least until I explained why. And even then she wouldn't be too happy.

"I really am sorry Mica."

"It's cool. It wasn't even your fault. Mr. Evens is just a stupid teacher." I turned to see Mr. Anderson walk up to the board and pick up a marker.

"Okay everybody. Pick a partner... only one. I don't want big groups. We're going to be doing an Earth Science project."
"Marie! Be my partner?" Bree asked, tapping her pencil on the table repeatedly. Marie nodded, agreeing.

I turned to Elijah, a questioning look on my face. "Wanna be my partner?"

"Sure." He agreed and I smiled.

"What's the project?" Someone asked.

Mr. Andersen smiled. "Well, since Earth Science is the study of natural conditions and materials found in and around the earth, such as rocks and minerals, plants and weather, each of you will be researching and then building a model of a natural disaster. Like, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, or any other natural disaster. It doesn't have to be recent either. You will need to write a five-page paper with it, and that will go towards your English grade. You'll be building a model of what the place looked like after the disaster, which will go towards your Art credit and then the entire thing together will be towards your Earth Science grade, so this project carries a lot of grade weight. Alright? You're going to have a month and a half to do this project."

A chorus of groans made their way around the room and Mr. Andersen chuckled. "Come on guys, it's not that bad. I'd suggest you each pick a subject and let me know soon, because no groups can do the same project."

"What do you think we should do?" I asked, turning to Elijah. He shrugged.

"I have no clue."

"What about the eruption of Mount St. Helen's?" I asked him. I didn't know much about that but I remembered hearing about it once and wanting to know more.

"Uhhh sure." He agreed. "Was that like a volcano or something?"

I laughed. "Yeah... it was like dormant or something but then like in three days it erupted. It was like a 5 or 6 size earthquake with it and the lava flow was like 200 miles per hour or something crazy like that."

"Oh cool." He said as I pulled my laptop out of its case. In home room, Elijah had been given his and he pulled his out too.

I Googled Mount. St. Helen's eruption and clicked on a random page. "Oh, I was wrong. It was 300 miles per hour of lava flow and the earthquake size was 5.1. I dunno, if you want to do it, we can, you probably think it's boring." I laughed slightly. "I just heard about it once and thought it sounded interesting."

"No, it sounds pretty cool. We should definitely do it. It could be pretty fun. And we could build a model of a volcano, like one of the ones that actually erupts!"
"Mr. Andersen!" I raised my hand quickly, to let him know what we wanted to do. He walked over with his paper. "Can me and Elijah do the eruption of Mount St. Helen's?"

He nodded, writing it down. "Sounds like a good idea, Mica. And Elijah... you're new... you need a book." He stood up and walked over to the shelf, picked up a book and brought it over. He checked the book number and wrote it down on his paper, reminding himself to put it on the list with the other names and book numbers.

I started reading the web page and was completely immersed in the website. The bell rang, surprising me and I jumped, falling out of my chair. I landed on the floor, and turned bright red as everyone started laughing.

I joined in the laughter and stood up, still embarrassed, but it was impossible for me to not laugh. I knew what I'd done was funny. I shut my laptop and slid it in the case, waved goodbye to Marie and Bree and walked off to drama with Elijah.

"You okay? That looked like it hurt." He sounded concerned and I shrugged.

"Yeah, I'm okay. It didn't hurt much." I turned down a hallway and he followed me as I walked into the auditorium.

"Mica!" A skinny, short little brunette dove onto me when I walked into the room and I staggered backwards, almost crashing into Elijah. He caught me though, and held me up.

"Holy, Kelly! Try to kill me why don't you?" I laughed, pretty much peeling her off me. She giggled and got off.

"I missed you! Summer was crazy long this year! And then I got transferred to a different school cause mom thought we were going to move, but then we didn't move and now I'm back here with you, a few weeks into school, which means I've got a ton of make up work to do, but the fact is, I'm here and we're in drama together!" She grinned, barely taking more than one breath throughout the entire tangent she'd just rambled.

"Woah Kelly. Slow down." I laughed. "I missed you too and I'm so glad you're back here!" I smiled. She was my other best friend. We barely ever got to hang out. Mainly because she skipped school a lot and when she was in school, she skipped most of the classes. Drama was the only class she would always come to, when she came to school.

"So, have you guys figured out what play we're doing this semester?" She asked, bobbing her head up and down to some song that was playing quietly.

"Yeah. It's like a mixed up fairytale thing. It's got a few traits from each of the fairy tales and it's all mixed up into one. We're doing the auditions today and I'm trying out for the lead role. Oh by the way, Kelly this is Elijah. Elijah this is Kelly. Kelly's one of my other best friends. And, Kelly, Elijah is new. This is his first day."

"Hi Elijah." Kelly said with a wave. He acknowledged her with a nod and a wave.

"Hi Kelly." He said it with a small smile. She smiled back, turned and skipped away, down to the stage where she sat down in the first row of steps. I turned to him with a smile.

"She's a little crazy and loud, and occasionally obnoxious and rambunctious... She's got a.d.d. among other things..." I trailed off, still smiling. "I could go on, but, I'm sure you'll find out eventually." I'd started walking while talking and he had followed, nodding his head occasionally.

We sat down in the second row, right behind Kelly. She turned her head and smiled, waving at us brightly. "Good Afternoon everyone!" Mrs. Allan walked in, a big smile on her face and lots of paper in her hands. "I have to take attendance before we can get started, but each of you pick up a piece of paper from that table. Each one has a number, and it will tell you what order you'll be auditioning in."

We all got up and walked over to grab a piece of paper. I looked down and groaned. Of course, I'd get number one. Elijah heard my groan and he looked over. I held up my paper with a frown and he laughed, holding up his. He had fifth. I sighed and sat back down. He walked over and sat beside me, chuckling still. I scowled at him, but started to smile and giggled.

"Okay. Let's get started." Mrs. Allan stood up, after checking off everyone. "Number one?"

I took a deep breath and stood up, walking to the stage and getting onto it. She always had us do, first a monologue from the script, and then sing something. I took the script that she handed to me, and started to read, loud and clear, making sure to get my emotions into my voice, to get it just right.

I finished and she smiled at me, giving me a thumbs up. "And a song?" She asked me. I nodded.

"Dreams to Dream by Cathy Cavadini." I cleared my throat quietly, then started to sing.

"Dreams to dream
In the dark of the night
When the world goes wrong
I can still make it right
I can see so far in my dreams
I'll follow my dreams
Until they come true

Come with me
You will see what I mean
There's a world inside
No one else ever sees
You will go so far in my dreams
Somewhere in my dreams
Your dreams will come true

There is a star
Waiting to guide us
Shining inside us
When we close our eyes

Don't let go
If you stay close to me
In my dreams tonight
You will see what I see
Dreams to dream
As near as can be
Inside you and me
They always come true."

I finished to a silent auditorium and then people started clapping. I flushed and hurried off the stage. I sat back down beside Elijah, blushing. "Wow, you are good!" He grinned and I wrinkled my nose up slightly, ruefully.

"Thanks, but I messed up a few times.... the notes in that song are a little high."

"You did good."

"Thanks." I smiled and watched as Kelly made her way to the stage. I hadn't even realized that she'd had number two.

She read from the script a little, and then started to sing Brick By Boring Brick, by Paramore. And she did really good. I stood up, clapping really hard with everyone else when she finished.

Elijah ended up singing Ultraviolet, one of my favorite songs, by The Stiff Dylans.

The rest of the block went by pretty quickly, with everyone taking turns auditioning. She said she'd post the results tomorrow. I started to skip down the hallway towards the lockers so I could get all my stuff and then go to the bus. Elijah followed me, skipping along beside me and I crashed into someone when I turned the corner.

I fell to the ground, on top of someone and I got off quickly. It was Trevor. The guy I've been crushing on since seventh grade. "I'm so sorry!"

He stood up, dusting himself off. "It's cool. Hey Mica!" He realized it was me and he smiled. "I've been wanting to talk to you."

"Really?" I was so hoping I wasn't blushing.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you'd wanna hang out or something?"

"Uh sure. Text me sometime." I pulled a pen from my bag and scribbled my number onto his hand with my name beside it. "I gotta go, before my bus gets here. Sharon will leave without me, like she has before. Talk to you soon?" When he nodded, I waved and continued to walk to my locker, with Elijah beside me.

"Oh, someone has a crush!" I could hear the teasing tone in his voice, but there was a trace of something else and I just couldn't figure out what it was.

"Shut up Elijah, what if he heard you?" I shoved him and laughed as I hurried to my locker. I grabbed the few things I needed, glad I didn't have too much homework tonight. "Okay, well, I'll see you later." I said, waving as we walked out the door. I rushed over to the bus and climbed on.

I walked to my seat and sat down, staring out the window. I waved to Elijah as he walked over to his bus. The bus started moving and I leaned my head back on the seat. Wow, this had been a good day. I barely even realized that this was the first day I hadn't seen a single ghost. As that thought entered my mind, the bus stopped at my house.

I'd hadn't even realized that much time had passed. I got off the bus and ran down the driveway, excited to be back home, where I knew Eva would be waiting for me.
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Published: 4/4/2011
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