Meaning of a Poem

A short poem/guide to get beginners involved with poetry... as I really think that poetry is important. I guess it can also be said as an indirect way to communicate on a controversial/normal topic.
What is it everywhere?
What is in it anyway?
Full of rhymes and words,
About humans, and even birds.

There are types of poetry,
Everywhere you see,
That poetry is lovely,
In museums... by Shakespeare,
Of Justice, love and care.

What's in their mind?
People can find,
Beautifully expressing it,
In a poetry format.

A mind of rhythms is all you need,
To a beautiful poem, it will lead,
You won't need to be an English expert,
Just put in lot of efforts,
Come everyone, one and all,
In love poetry, you will fall!
Published: 8/8/2013
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