Meaningless Love

Heartache...nuf said.
I can't take this anymore baby my dead corpse is about to hit the floor.
The blood drains from my eyes as you fill my mind with your lies.
Just want you to know baby I hate you! your driving me crazy its to late I'm already dead inside but I smile with nothing to hide.
You're the reason I'm dead inside I can't get over what you said.
I awake every morning crying my eyes out scared that you'll be gone forever.

Scared today may be our last and you'll forget about our past.
I'm scared that I'll become nothing but a faded memory to you.
I love you with all my heart but sometimes it feels like we are being torn apart.
Take my hand don't let go cuz baby I want you to know I won't ever let go.
I give you my body and soul you have complete control I'm a puppet of your will your smile is all I need for a thrill.
Your so far away and thanks to you there's a scar upon my heart but I'll fight through the pain cuz the memory's of you are carved into my brain.

You drive me insane baby I'm going crazy you make my head spin.
When our skin meets I feel paper-thin and become fragile and weak.
I'm easily broken but you make my heart melt baby I never felt this way about anyone so don't ever leave me.
If we ever say goodbye I'll try my best not to cry but I can't make any promises because I'll be dead inside without you.
I feel like I can't be defeated if you were to be deleted from my heart I would never be completed.
I'm nothing without you and I'm scared of losing baby so please don't let go :(
Published: 12/9/2010
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