Meant to Be? As If!

Tut, tut, tut. Beware: The guy that goes to your best friend to complain about you, might actually take an interest in her too. Oh, and try not to be too clingy! It's very unattractive...
I hate how I loved you,
The little moments we used to share,
I couldn't help but to,
Actually fall in love with you.

I hated how others used to say,
That we're not good for each other,
I hate them and I hate everything!
I think about us once being together.

Late at night, I couldn't help my feelings,
I wanted to see you, I wanted to be with you,
But lately I got angrier,
With everything you say and do.

You said I was too obsessed,
That you love me, of course you do,
But you really need some space,
I wonder what you're up to.

Are you laughing at me?
Are you cheating maybe?
I couldn't stop those thoughts,
I wanted to trust you, really.

Now I'm standing here alone,
Watching you in the hands of her,
She was meant to be my best friend!
But all this time she just pretend.

At least I now see,
That you and me?
Were never meant to be.

But you and her?
You stupid backstabbers,
Totally deserve each other.
Published: 5/16/2012
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