Meant To Be

Poem defines the view of a man in love with his soulmate being thankful to the Creator for what he considers as his destiny to love her. He describes her in detail, and the importance of her in his life. He thanks God for this gift and prays it remains his forever.
You gently came into my life,
And pulled me out of darkness,
Into a marvelous light,
The light of love, my love.

Before the seas were formed,
And the seeds of plants were sewn,
Our destinies were aligned,
Always to be seen and heard.

Matched together by the Divine One,
Our future was born,
He designed you only for me,
And me only for you,
Though our hue and tones are distant,
Yet our hearts are entwined,
In the embrace of sweet oneness,
Like primrose and misty dew.

Our minds are meshed into a plain of temporal sobriety,
Which reflects our sane and passionate desires,
We are inflamed with thoughts of each other,
There is no room for any other fuel to add to this fire.

Where oh! Where is my cherished one,
Can we go from here,
For the depths and heights are matched,
Only by the deepest sea and the highest mountain,
Embedded indelibly in my heart,
Like the root of a towering tree,
Are the shades of your face,
My love, I only have eyes for thee.

Speak and I hear an angel,
Whispering gently like butterfly,
Wings on the eardrums of my heart,
Breathe my mate of soul,
And I inhale your fragrance into my innermost,
Being never to exhale again.

Walk my dear,
And light up the doorway to my happiness,
And the windows of my joy,
Hold me with thy warm and delicate embrace,
And feel me melt into thy hands so safe,
So secure, never more to roam my love.

You peer into my eyes and I am exposed,
Naked to thy bidding and helpless,
Only to fulfill thy desires,
You call my name,
And I am in a daze,
So amazed by the sincerity of thy tones to me,
Just me.

Your hair is so lively and vibrant in their tresses,
That even the moon winks at night and blushes,
And the sun by day proudly reflects the true glory of your imposing femininity,
Silence drowns the ambiance in the wake of your presence,
As even the air seems to hang suspended in awe at thy splendid beauty.

Awake I, not my love,
For this indeed must be the dream of a lifetime,
Surely I am lost in a land of sleep,
Forbidden to surface captured for all eternity.

If it be thy wish my love,
Pass thy hand gently through my hair,
Rest it effortlessly on my brow and ease my aches,
The pain I surely must disavow.

For now that you are here,
I yearn no more,
As fitfully satiated,
I lie in the reverie of thy arms.

Speak my love and soothe the doubts of my days,
Smile my lovely and dispel the fears that haunt my nights,
Run wild and free with laughter,
Springing forth with melodies to move me,
To quench my thirst for life.

Yes, I do thank God for thee,
On my knees or prostrate,
I offer my gratitude for this gift I have received,
Thou art my present, my future, and my past.

Lend me the cloud,
That thou seems to glide upon,
Loan me thy minutes, thy seconds,
As they seem to stand still with each step you take.

Pray with me my love,
As we give eternal praise for the joy,
And the magic which permeates our souls,
Let's remain fixated,
Entrenched in this single hope of never-ending days and peaceful nights,
Blessed indeed are we dear, Lord,
As always in our midst,
You are there to sustain our lives together forever.
Published: 1/2/2014
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