Meet Again (Chapter 11: Thunderstorm)

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Taylor's POV

I don't mean to leave without a prober goodbye with E, but with that day's situation, I couldn't have waited until she gets home from school. That most had leave a big mark on E's heart, she probably hates me to the bone. How would I explain it to her, she might think it is an excuse that I make up.

"Elisa, Elisa?" I scream her name, scare that she is injured badly. I place one of my arms under her leg and another behind her head, like princess style carry her off the ground. Then I walk to the window, but when I was about to cross over... a thunderstorm strike, detaining me from leaving this cabin.

Just few second after the storm arrive, few rock already start to slip slightly down the little hill and drop itself into the lake in front of the house. I walk across the hall and enter the living room with seal up window. Then I carefully place her on the old couch which is the only safest thing to sit in the cabin.

I sit on the ledge of the couch and stare at the sleepily face of her, reminding me of the old time that we shared together. She still has a beautiful white skin with a little dirt on her forehead from the wood that she smashes herself with. Her cheek is still red like apple and her brownish hair with little blonde mix in it from her mother's side is still that shine.

The longer I stare at her, my heart beats faster. The feeling I felt during my childhood comes back to me like I never have left the town. I slide onto the ground and place my head on the couch with some distant from where her head is at, while remembering more of the memory from childhood.

When I come back to reality, my nose was touching hers, I could feel her breath reach for my skin and disappear into the thin air. It is so close. The rhyme of my heartbeat becomes even more disorder as my hands start sweating like crazy, but my body freezes up; unmovable from this position.

I recognize the feeling I have for her; she is more than my Childhood friend. I remember... I love her, from the bottom of my heart; the disorderly beating inside my chest from long ago reminds me, her smile, her laugh, the way she cries and how silly she is! These feeling I had for her before I've forgotten them after a period of time when I moved away. How could I ever forget about them? Why am I so stupid? Why don't I told her before I move?

Wait. I did want to tell her how I feel for her before I leave, but that day she had school. My parent can't stay in this town any longer, so they force me to leave without express my feeling to her.

During the entire night, I continuously think about how I could have done better before moving to another town. Then I notice, the morning arrives and the thunderstorm comes to a stop.

A shine of sunlight flashes into the cabin and lands on E's face alerting me is morning, while waking this sleeping beauty from her deep sleep.

E stretches her eyes open and spots me right in front of her. I freak out from eye contact and jump myself straighten up (standing up) pretending to be stretching as well.

"Morning," I mumble as if I just wake up from the sleep like her.

"Morning Taylor," E replies while slightly touches her forehead.

"Does it hurt?" I ask, kind of relieved to see her conscious.

"What do you think, Jerk?" E replies still mad at me for leaving town and not saying her goodbye or whatever the stuff that girl gets angry about.

Before I could answer her, noises appear from behind. I turn around to check and spot Bob (a police officer) standing in front of the window. "Crap, I forget to call in," I mumble, afraid that E will find out about my secret.

"Taylor, why there is a police officer here?" E asks while one of her hands grab onto the ledge of my shirt.

"I'm just here to take Taylor back to the town with me Miss," Bob answers before I could reply her with an excuse.

"Why? What did he do wrong?" E asks let go of my shirt like she is afraid of me now since there is a police to take me.

"I volunteer at the police station and last night was my turn and I didn't show up that is all," I rush in with an understandable excuse before Bob could answer her.

"But Taylor, you don't like to do any job for free when you were little," E asks making eye contact with me.

I break the eye contact and look to the other side, "People change you know and I turn to like volunteer work more than anything now," I say, feel bad for lying to her.

E nods as if she believes what I just say, "Look at me in the eye and say that sentences again please," she says with a smile. A kind of smiles that give me chills.

"Taylor we better get going now," Bob interrupts between us and yet I feel like he just saved me.

I nod quickly and turn to E, "Bye E, I will see you in school."

I rush out of the cabin through the window and hop into Bob's car before E could say another word.
Published: 3/4/2014
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