Meet Again (Chapter 13: Meet The Boys)

Things are just getting crazier! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter...
Elisa's POV

I wake up and found myself tied up in some dirty, smelly place. I couldn't see anything around me expect some blobs since my eyes are blindfolded while my mouth tied up by a piece of mop in a stick form. I could hear dripping water somewhere in the building as if this place is really old. Far away there are noise of teens who seemed to be not old than me.

Before I'm completely knocked out, I remember them saying something about Taylor. They said that he betrayed them once and now he will betray them once more, if they don't do anything to stop it.

They know Taylor that is for sure, but what do they mean by betrayal? And they seeing like the bad boy type of student to me, but does that mean Taylor changed during these years. Do I even know him anymore? I ask myself while struggle with the rope, trying to untie the knot.


Taylor's POV

Police officers take us into separate room and ask us to write a three-page long apology letter. I rush through it, not wasting any minutes to rescue E. When I finish, I throw the papers on the table, while take Stink's phone with me and race outside and hop onto a bus that goes to the next town.

I have been hanged out with that group ever since I moved, that's how I knew exactly where they will keep her and they will be there waiting for me. Somehow I think E can handle it, isn't it weird...


Elisa's POV

As I struggle, the sound of open door appears far, I immediately lean backward pretended I'm still out by these chemical they used on me to loosen their guard.

"When are we going to get rid of her?" One of the boys asks.

"Tonight, Midnight if Taylor still hasn't showed up by then," deep voice boy replies.

I tilted my head a little trying to see how many blobs I can see, so I know how many people are there in the room. The situation through what I could seem isn't great since I think there are more gangs in here than the time when they followed me. I guess, they are only waiting for Taylor to come.

"What if he doesn't show up?" One of the boys ask.

"Well, then I guess, he doesn't love the famous Elisa that much," a boy replies.

"Taylor always talks about her when we're still in school, I think he definitely will come."


Taylor's POV

Four hours of bus ride, including 3 miles run in 20 minutes, finally get me in front of my gangs' hiding place; an old closed school. I thought, I would never come back here again under the police probation and admitting the crime for my gang, but I guess the minutes I want to tell the truth (Back out) about the crime, the minutes they will pull me back here.

They knew, I would enter the building through backdoor, since that is the only door they showed me. One thing they didn't know was I walk around the building one day and find three different paths which could allow me enter and out of the building easily.

I walk through a door next to the trash area and climb to the first floor, as I open up Stink's phone and text few of the guys to come down; the plan is to take them out, one at the time.


Elisa's POV

They start to leave one by one, following the others, soon there are only two people left; which I could handle by myself.

I pretended I just wake up and act confused as I struggle with my hands and legs. One of them comes over and pulls out the blindfold and the mouth pieces out of my mouth and said, "Hello, beauty."

"Who are you and what are you going to do with me? What did I ever do to you?" I ask, lift my head and spot familiar face.

"We're going to kill you beauty," a guy said, "you have been a bad girl who tried to steal our..." he pauses turning to look at the guy next to him; as if he is asking him what they should call Taylor, "Dummy away," he adds.

I can't believe they just called Taylor, a dumpy, that only makes me want to punch them in the face ten times, more harder than I was planning to, but for the situation I am in now; I decide to keep it down.

"You guys are using my life to threaten him?" I ask trying to find a way out or lure them close somehow.

"Exactly, he promises to safe us by taking the blame for our crime, he is going to save our ass and you... you are destroying the plan. But you should think of it as we are doing a good thing for you, since we are telling you the truth, saving you from dating a criminal," one of the boys said bending down and leans close.

"I don't believe you, I believe Taylor is still the little boy that I know and..." I stop for a second, then lift my head high, "And Love," I shout hit my head against the guy's head.

He backs away few steps while the other guy holds him asking him if he is ok. I take this change and run toward the door getting out of here while these two are busy.

As I run out of the door, I bump into someone who is running as well and we both fell onto the ground. When I lift my head, I see Taylor in front of me. That moment tears flow out of my eye while I jump into his chest, "Taylor."

He catches me and hugs me for a short second. "You alright? Anywhere hurt?" He asks pulling away from me and checks if I'm hurt or not and unties the rope on my wrist. Without a thought, I slap him across the face, angry about that he used to hang out with these group of people. He continues to untie the rope with his head low, "I deserve that."

He then stands up and walks toward the guys while they still struggling, haven't noticed his approach. He punches both of them in the face, knocking them out in a single blow; as if he has been fighting all his life.

I stare at him as he walks over, starts to fear him in a little part of my heart.

"Don't let him get away," a boy yells from far.

Taylor holds me up to my feet and says, "Let's run."

He grabs me by the wrist and pulls me toward a staircase on the left.

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Published: 3/19/2014
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