Meet Again (Chapter 14: Have Enough With The Secrets)

This chapter will be about Taylor's past, enjoy!
Elisa's POV

We run, we come into the farmland where weeds are taller than us. Behind us there are the ex-gang members of Taylor chasing after us, probably beat us to death once they catch us. Taylor holds onto my arm freakish tight as he pulls me toward the direction where he is planning to go. I follow behind him trying my best to keep up with him while turning back to how close they are.

"Why did you hang out with them, why?" The question sticks in on top of my lung, going to fly off any minutes. Soon the sun goes down and they all retreat out of nowhere; their actions get me a chill like they have another evil plan in their sleep.

Taylor pulls me into a small wooden horse farmhouse which appears every mile away on the farm where they keep the anime. Once we get in, the horses flip their upper body scream out. Taylor holds his hand up and makes, "Shshshsh," noise to calm them down as if he had done it million times before.

He walks to an empty cage and opens the gate, then gesture for me to go in. I hang a disgust expression as I take a small step. He walks in and closes the door while using it to push me in as well, "Is not that bad E, think of this as grass in your backyard," he said sitting down.

"It has this smell which is worse than going to the bathroom after my dad," I said taking two steps back away from him then drop onto the ground due to the hurting of my leg. I use my hand and rub the muscle on my small led while endure the pain, hope I can still walk or run tomorrow.

"It smells like ciguatera and drugs," Taylor adds remembering his childhood, "Is your leg ok?" He asks looking at how I'm rubbing my leg, "E, come here, let me help you, I know a way to heal it, just in one night," he says waiting for me to go closer to him since he doesn't know if I am scare of him or not.

I don't move from my spot instead I just continue to rub it. Then he stands up about to walk over, "Taylor stay there and tell me what it is with that gang of yours, no more secret. Once I know the entire story then..." I say and move backward, a little being super cautions since it have been 9 years when we were separated and we don't know a thing about each other.

"What do you want to know?" Taylor asks and I can see he is hoping that I wouldn't ask about everything.

"The gang of boys... threaten you with me, in order to gain something from you, what is it? I want the entire story Taylor, I want to trust you, but you are making it extremely hard for me to do so," I say showing him a child eye with sparkle.

"You are going to hate me after I told you the secret," Taylor says looking on the ground.

"Tell me and I will decide rather to hate you or not afterward," I say staring at him.

Annoying, frustrated, he looks scared to hell of what happened, afraid of everything. He ruffles his hair and drops his head, as if light is too much for him to bare. I scoot closer to him as I reach out my hand and lightly touch his paw follow by a smile; couldn't help it to see him like this. He lifts his head and glances at me with sad depressing eyes.

"Well, you going to find out sooner or later, why not now," he says grabbing onto my hand then drops his head again, "my gang and I kill the leader's sister and he is potting to get everyone in trouble beside himself since everyone have something to do with it," Taylor paused as silent fall.

"Then why are they still listening to him and following his orders?" I ask confused.

"Everyone is following him, so he will not tell the judge about them and will be handling with loss punishment. At the end, the leader whose name is Stink potted the crime onto me since they have one of my secrets; which is not about this case, that I wouldn't want the judge or anyone to find out," Taylor sighs, "I just go alone with it since I was there and every-single one of us get to stab the poor girl with a knife even Stink himself."

My hands start to shake and there's a chill keeps running up and down of my body. I am here in this horse house alone with Taylor who stabs a girl with knife, I couldn't help it but to feel scare. When he was little, he wouldn't dare to kill a fly, but why? Tear falls from my eye for no reason, is it I'm sad or is it I feel bad for the girl? I don't know anymore?

"I confuse to the police the day after it happened, but they find the evidences that it wasn't only me, they use court order and probating on all the gang in order to find the truth. In the end, they don't have evidence which conclude their crime, only me who confess," Taylor continues, but I don't feel like hearing to it any longer while my mind stuck on the part where he said they stab a girl.

"The Judge and Jury know for a fact not only me, my gang, but since they don't have enough evidence they couldn't arrest the rest of my gang. Now they're hoping for me to change my mind and point out the real criminal during the next court which is next month by sending me to a place I wanted to go," he adds, when I heard that my eyes lift up.

"Why, why do you want to come here and what the fuck secret they had on you," I shout angry at everything, every word that flows out of his mouth. Horse gets scared by my voice and shouts out as well, I slip my hand away from his and hoping this is a dream; a horrible dream.

"Is about something..." he says and brings his leg up and hugs it.

"There's no way that secret is more important than you going to jail for the rest of your life," I shout again as finally quiet horse flips out again.

"It is about my dad and his company," he says as if he has no choice but to jump from the cliff just to protect whatever there is. If I remember it correctly his mother is a doctor and his dad is a big company owner; a company which disappears out of nowhere few years ago.

"What happened?" I ask, "Why did your dad's company disappear few years ago anyway?"

"I am going to sleep, we have to head out before the feeder of this farm comes tomorrow morning," he says as an excuse to get out of the topic and lay onto the yellow grass.

On the other hand, I walk to a corner of this gate, feel safer and hug my leg; not sure if I still trust him.


Then the next morning when I wake up, I find Taylor feeding and patting the horses in the farmhouse. He looks so lovely and cute at the same time.

"Morning, E," he says noticing that I wake up, "we have to get going now," he adds.

I nod and walk out of the gate and close it behind me. I walk toward him as he says goodbye to the horses he is patting on. He then walks toward the door as soon as I get closer; like he knows I'm scared of him, so he will keep some distance.

I follow him out of the Horse farm and walk onto the middle of the road. Out of nowhere a bike appears and hits Taylor right off the road and he drops into the weeds.

Published: 3/25/2014
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