Meet Again (Chapter 15: Falling Down)

Taylor gets hurt in the last chapter, so what is going to happened now!! Here's the new chapter enjoy!
Elisa's POV

Even it is only a peek, I can tell it is a member of Taylor's gang who rides the bike and hits him with it, and then run off. Look like they are willing to do anything to get what they want and what they want is either kill Taylor or send him off to jail.

What happened that day clearly stays in my head and I think I'll never be able to forget about it - Taylor blooding out of control, lying on the farm weeds while I keep screaming and screaming, nothing has come to my mind, until a truck arrives and a farm tan kind man calms me down when I thought I'm lost.

The kind man asks me if I have a phone to call an ambulance soon I realize the gang took it when they kidnapped me; I shake my head while tear dropping down, feel useless. He goes near Taylor and carefully carries him to his truck, places him on the back seat and asks me where he should drive to. Without a thought I answer him, "Anywhere but not here."

He gets me a sympathy look and starts to drive toward nearest towns that include a hospital. During the entire car ride I hope, dream he can drive off to a town that's 100 miles away from where I have lived my whole life. Sadly the truck arrives at the hospital where I was born as he walks in and call for nurse.

The nurse and doctor rush out the hospital door with a patient bed; they carefully move Taylor out of the backseat and lay him on it while checking for his injury. Then that young man grabs another nurse and brings her to me. He opens the car door as I stare at him with half of my eyes open, feel as I am about to faint any minute.

As soon as I feel warm from the nurse's hand on my wrist, I feel a sense of relief as my eyes shut close and I completely drop onto her; only could hear they panic. It is a dark and sad day, where I wish I never had wakened up from the deep sleep.


I wake up lying on a bed in the hospital where my brother Aiken and Lexis sleeping on the ledge of my bed. They look tired as if they haven't slept for days. Out of the window there I could see half of the town building and inner, but what get my attention is my realization of how close my school building actually, it is very close to the police stations where I know those guys are.

A nurse walk in with a smile, holding a needle, I jump afraid of needle in my entire life, "Is that for me?" I ask shaking a bit.

The nurse smiles and shakes her head, "No Elisa, this isn't for you," she says and pulls the curtain which separate me from the other patient next to me, "It is for him," she says as I spot Taylor lying on the bed with a lot of bandage still unconscious.

"Parker... Taylor," I shout sitting up immediately want to walk over and actually touch him to see if this is real or fake.

Aiken and Lexis are waken due to my shouting. As soon as they see me awake, they pull me in for a hug, "Elisa, you finally wake up, I am so glad, you alright," Lexis says as Aiken nods.

I pat both of them on the back, "Yah," I mumble believe this isn't a dream and Taylor is actually hurt badly. I pull them away from me and stare at Taylor as the nurse takes his blood, "Is Taylor going to be ok?" I ask tighten my paw.

The nurse gets me a look then sighs, "We need him to wake up first before the surgeon could operate on him," she says and walks away with his blood.

I could feel the tear at the front line of my eyeball after hearing what she said; instead I hold it back since I promise Aiken in my heart to never cry in front of him ever again. Every time I cry, I can also see his heart broken 'my pain is his pain,' he said to me once meant every word and I could be happier to have him as a brother. Aiken pats me on the head, "He is going to wake up," I couldn't hold it back then cry.

Lexis calls for help, bottom to notice the doctor that I wake and soon the doctor including all nurses who are taking care of me come. He tells me to breathe as he places a hearing thing on my heart then hears the sound of my breath, he then checks ball of the eye which is still red and puff from crying.

After several exams, the doctor sigh cheerfully, "She is fully recovered from the shock and you can check out tomorrow," he announce and we sink in a happy atmosphere.

"Doctor," I call out, "Is Taylor going to be ok?" I ask.

He looks at him for a moment, "To tell the truth, he is not going to be alright if we don't operate on him soon, but we can't do that until he wake up from the slumber."

"Why can't you operate on him until he wake up?" I ask curious while Aiken hold on to my hand in case I freak out.

"Because we need an X-Ray of his brain when he is active; awake. That way we could see many parts of his brain which didn't show when he is asleep.That make it more dangerous for us to operate," he explains pointing to his own brain.

"Taylor needs a brain operation?" I ask tighten my grip.

"Yes, when he fall down his brain get hurt," the doctor nods, "Elisa if you want to help out in any way, talk to him, bring up old memory, he might wake up faster," he adds writing on my chart then place his pen in his cloth and walk out of the room.

"Aiken, where's Taylor's parent? Shouldn't they be here?" I ask moving my body to the ledge of the bed.

"I couldn't contact his dad, but I was able to get his mom. She is in other state on business trip, she couldn't make it until Saturday," Aiken says and holds me by the hand afraid I may fall or something.

"What day is today and how long is I out for?" I ask slide out of bed, but Aiken holds me back onto the bed and grabs my shoes.

"You were out for three days Elisa, today is Thursday," Aiken says putting the shoes on my feet just like when we were little. He then lifts me up from the bed and lightly places me down on the ground, "do you feel hurt anywhere? Or somewhere didn't feel right?"

"Thank you brother, but I feel fine," I smile and lift my feet. Due to the lack of exercise the muscle on my feet hurt. I bite my bottom lips continue to walk while holding onto Aiken's arm. He watches me carefully as I walk toward Taylor's bed, cautions, worry that I might fall.
Published: 3/25/2014
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