Meet Again (Chapter 16: Night of Memories)

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Elisa's POV

I sit on the ledge of Taylor's bed watching him sleep peacefully. It had been 5 hours since I wake up and walks over; there's still no sign of him awake. He sleeps like a sweet angel that had fallen from the sky then crash into the Earth and I am the lucky girl who finds him and carry him home; helping him heal.

Aiken and Lexis went home just an hour before since they have been here since the day of the accident. They have a bag of dirty laundry including me and Taylor's, and they have been slept and showered in the hospital as well. I feel very lucky to have them as a family and is time for them to take a break from taking care of me.

Aiken on the other hand, still worries leaving me alone. After every five minutes, he calls in to check on me. Now after 25 minutes where I still happy to receive his call.

Bedtime for the patients arrive while I still wouldn't move from the bed, I can't sleep, I have been sleeping for three days; which is enough and I would like to watch him instead. Even though it sounds a little creepy, but I feel like I can't ever move away from him ever again. A nurse comes in and points at her watch telling me, 'it is time to go the bed.' I nod and give her a smile. She shakes her head knowing, I won't move then leaves, pretends as if she didn't know and let me stay.

The longer I sit here, more my childhood memories with Taylor come back and I alone fall into chuckle, "Taylor," I whisper his name want to awaken him with our memory, "remember that one time, you bet that I couldn't pull a prank on my brother. I try to prove you wrong by turning up the heat level of the water during his shower?"

I pause remembering more of what happened, "I accidentally turn it up too high and my entire house was covered with smoke. Lucky brother was brushing his hair since he loves his hair more than anything when he was little, so he didn't get hurt, but I was grounded for two weeks."

Taylor's hands move a muscle for one second and nothing else happened. My expression jumps from smiling to normal knowing this is working, but I have to try even harder in order to wake him up.

I take in a big breathe keep remembering, not letting any giving up thought should run through, but soon it is too late and tears explode. I turn my head toward the window hiding them. When the tears run out I see stars. Stars shining on the night sky surrounding the moon, like millions of babies making a circle around their mother; dancing and laughing.

"Taylor, remember the night when we first time climbed on the rooftop of your house at night when our parent were out to play?" I say staring at the sky, "I remember exactly how many times you saved me from falling off since I kept slipping and couldn't get a grip at all... You held me around my waist keeping me with you while I hug you around the neck scare I might slip again." I mumble and grab his hand, "I never could forget the warm feeling I get from you and I kept hoping we could watch the star together again."

My phone starts to ring, interrupts me from this moment, I pick it up, "Hello?" I ask.

"Elisa, are you feeling ok? Anywhere hurt?" Aiken asks on the other side of the phone.

I take in a breathe, "Yes, I feel better than ever brother, don't worry and get some rest." I try my best to sound normal.

"Are you crying?" He asks.

"I am just remembering something, that's all," I say hoping for him to not ask any more questions and go the sleep.

Aiken understands me, "Alright, I will be there, first thing in the morning to check you out, now go to sleep," he says with a sigh, "Good night," with that he hangs up the phone.

"Good night brother," I mumble and throw the phone onto my bed and cover my face with my hand sobbing, "Taylor please don't leave me, please don't leave me alone in this horrible town; I still want to watch the stars with you," I mumble through the tear.

Then I feel a touch on a side of my cheek, "I would never leave you," Taylor says with weak voice.

I drop my hand and stare at him, not blinking once. I reach my hand to touch his check, he smiles at me, connecting eye contact. I pinch myself as hard as I can on the arm while smile slowly surfaces over, since it hurts like hell. I come to believe this is real and not a dream.

I jump into his chest and cry even louder. Taylor sighs then pats me on the head, "I'm alright E," he mumbles with a very low voice.

I pull away from him and wipe the tear off my cheek, "I'll go find the doctor," I say while turning around.

Taylor grabs my wrist and pulls me back again, "Stay, I want you here with me." He says and our eye connect again, "Doctor and treatment can wait," he adds. I could resist him instead I just lie down right next to him staring into his eye, loving how I could see stars in there.



"Would you watch the stars with me?"
Published: 3/31/2014
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