Meet Again (Chapter 18: Now or Never)

Let's see what happened....
Taylor's POV

"You really screw your life up," Mom says when appears leaning on the doorway crossing her arm, "Elisa's right, you get up too quickly."

"Mom, Please not now," I reply to her still sitting on the floor covering my forehead with my paw; have no strength whatsoever to get up myself.

"Just because you decide to go to the jail, didn't mean you can throw your whole life away. Tell judge the truth Taylor, fight for your life with the one you love," Mom continues to bugging me, "I remember you and Elisa used to run around everywhere in the house, pillow fight once second, then food fight the other. You two always have fun, smile never disappears on you guys' face, as long as you two are together and yet you are throwing the chance of having a life with the girl you love away and her life away," she says angrily still disapproves of me stopping the brain tumor's treatment.

"Leave me alone, please," I say nicely trying to get her off my back. After that sentences she looks like she is going to continue that talk, so I interrupt her, "Is the brain scan ready, just get this thing over with," I say and place my hand on the floor and push against it lifting my upper body.

"I am trying to save your life here, I don't want to lose a son too," mom says pretending to cry; being a drama queen. My hand suddenly loses the strength as my body fall onto the ground and now I know the tumor must have gone worse. Mom immediately rushes toward me, "Taylor you alright?" She asks then lift her head toward the door, "Nurses help," she screams.

"Mom, I'm alright, can you not make a big deal out of nothing," I say annoying by the face I'm weak. Nurses rush in the room, they all gather around me as they grab a part of me and carry me onto the bed. "I'm fine," I said with short breathe for some reason.

"Stop saying that," Mom argues back, "Take him to the brain scan room and call a meeting, I need some advice on how to take a risk and remove the tumor if it is possible," she says staring at me

"Mom," I call out.

"I respect your decision and been on your side million times when you decide what to do, but clearly you can't make the right one since you are still immature. If is still not too late, I would like to make one which is responsible and correct," she cuts me off, "You can give up when the tumor is getting big, but if it shrink down... honey, I need you to live. For me... for Elisa, please," she begs as tears fall down from her eye.

I bite my lips while lying on the moving bed knowing what she is saying is right, but I couldn't see much hope as pass, the possibility of me surviving is decreasing; they are wasting their time.

As we arrive at the exams room, I see Elisa lie on bunch of chair. She looks like she have cried herself to sleep with these puffy eyes of hers, is entirely my fault...

Mom's sentences repeat millions of times in my head during the exam, filling my mind up 'you're not throwing you own life away, but you're also throwing her (Elisa's) life away as well'. 'You two never lose the smile when you guys play around the house,' then sentences couldn't get more annoying than anything, but it really makes me rethink about everything in my life.


Elisa's POV

I run and run with no final destination, feeling lost, hopeless, and sad. Finally, I trick on my own feet and fell on the ground, as pain flashes through my knee giving me once more hit of reality. I have been dreaming of Taylor, he is my prince charming; as we both ride of to the sunset on a white horse. The hit of his news awakens me from it while reviewing its true identity of dead and lose.

I stand myself up and move to the chair nearby. When I sit on the chair, the lonely feeling rush through, I hug myself, and crumb up on the chair crying, hiding my face.

Soon I fell asleep as I flow myself to my grandmother's garden which now are just bunch of death stem. In my dream, I was still a little kid while garden is still booming all different kinds of flowers, which I love and precious them. I dance in circle and hum songs.

Suddenly pair of hands grab me and turn me to facing it. It was Taylor, kid Taylor, he holds a cut of rose in his hand as he slowly places it in my hair. "You look lovely E," he says staring at me.

Instantly my cheek brushes bright red. I jump into his chest trying to hide it, instead Taylor grabs my chin and pulls my face toward his. My heart goes crazy as we close. Before our lips meet... someone shakes me and wakes me up, "Elisa, is that you?" A strange man looks like he's in his 20s stands in front of me.

I rub my eyes and look at him, "Who are you?" I ask....

The stranger rubs his head, "Umm, you don't remember me?" He asks and winks at me.

I shake my head, "Well, I remember you Elisa," he adds, "I remembering you always running around my house playing, almost every day of the year... I... um... confessed my love for you..." he gets me hints.

I still couldn't remember, but I could only tell he is somewhat familiar. In my childhood, I only hang out with Taylor since we were the best friend ever, then how can I be hanging out with him... Wait...

"Romeo, you arrive," Dr. Rose a.k.a Taylor's mom called out. Even this name sounded so familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.

"Is Taylor dead already?" Romeo asks as Dr. Rose smacks him on the head. "If he isn't dead yet, why Elisa's eyes are like that?" He adds pointing at me. Dr. Rose gets him a look, he then seeing to understand, "Oh, ok, so she finds out."

"Elisa, Remember Romeo?" Dr. Rose asks me holding onto the back of his neck. I look straight into his eyes and try to remember.

"Elisa, don't tell me, you don't remember me whatsoever," Romeo adds as he does some weird face expressions.

I point my finger at him, "You're Romeo, Taylor's older brother," I say remembering who he is. When we were little, Romeo would always hide in the house somewhere and when me and Taylor walked across it, he would jump out with crazy face expression or face paint and scare the hell out of us.

"It took you long enough," he says while pats me on the head, "Nice to see you again Elisa," he adds smiling as always.

"Nice to meet you again Romeo," I reply smiling wanting to get him a hug, but at the same time I think it would be weird.

"Romeo, I want some of your advice," Dr. Rose says cutting in on our moment. Romeo's face turns from happy to serious in an instant and nods. He removes his hand on my head, gives me a goodbye wave and walks to the brain scan room while Dr. Rose leading him, leaving me behind.

I sit back on the chair and wait, just notice the room is so close from where I am, but yet I feel so far away.


"You mean, I still have a chance of being tumor free?" Taylor asks lying on the bed back in his room. Dr. Rose, other doctors, and even Romeo, who's wearing a white cloak, stands around him giving him news. Meanwhile I stand by the doorway overheard everything they said.

"The tumor in your brain is stinking down when we compare the older one to the new one," Romeo says, "Is easier to remove it than before," he clicks his pen, "We better perform the surgery before the tumor grows big again."

"But, how is that possible, I ended all treatment, and haven't get medicine for it in ages," Taylor disbelief what they are saying, "You guys must be kidding me," he says.

"See for yourself if you don't believe what we say," Dr. Rose shows him the picture somehow.

When I notice Romeo was standing right in front of me, "If you want to know then just come on in," he mumbles and grabs me by the hand and pulls me into the room.

"I don't think I can be in there," I say grabbing onto the window try my best to resist.

"You can be in here because I say so," Romeo says pulling me in. Unfortunately Romeo is way stronger than me, without a try he pulls my entire body into the room while I scream, a little catching everyone's attention.

"Elisa," Dr. Rose says looking at me then looks back at Taylor. My eyes glue to Taylor as his eyes glue to mine as if we are the only two people exist in the world. Dr. Rose coughs, getting attentions, "We already had prepared an ER for you, so let's get you downstairs," she says as nurses walk to the side of his bed and unconnected his bed.

"Let's go then," Taylor mumbles flashes one last eye contact with me.

I break the eye contact and turn around facing the wall as tears flow out of my eye when I think about the dangerous possibility for the surgery. Dr. Rose pets me on the shoulder as the nurses push him out of the room and into the hall, "Is going to be alright," she mumbles, "Elisa there's a chance, the surgery may fail, is now or never to tell your feeling to Taylor," she says, "We will be in Operation Room 2," she tells me and leaves the room and heads to the elevator.

There is so much thing I want to talk about with Taylor, like how his life been after he moved, what is his school like, did he ever miss me, have he ever liked a girl in his new school, and have he ever loved me? I have to... I want to know.

"There's a chance the surgery might fail," Dr. Rose's voice appears. I tighten my paw, bite my lips, and wrap away the tear then rush out of the room, run down the staircase wishing I could make it before they start. Taylor deserves to know my feeling before he heads to surgery and I deserve a reply from him too.

I arrive at the Operating floor and get lost immediately. There's all different kinds of rooms and several directions are like a mess here, "Elisa, right?" A nurse asks, "Dr. Rose's first room on the right," she tells me like she expects me while pointing straight.

"Thank you," I say bow then I make my way there. I run over and walk in without a second thought. There I see Taylor sitting on the surgery bed looking at the doorway while all other nurses look at me as well.

I stand there breathing heavily, trying to catch my breath. Few second later, "Taylor, I... I... I," I try to get the word out, but it seems too stuck, "I..." I close my eye and take a deep breath, "I love you, I have been in love with you ever since childhood. Don't leave me," my heart starts jumping like crazy where I could hear my own heartbeat louder than anything.
Published: 4/14/2014
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