Meet Again (Chapter 19: Accident)

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Elisa's POV

The worlds seem to disappear including everyone in it where Taylor and I are the last one alive. I could only see him and his eye, as it glue to mine. Time stop, like it doesn't exist in the first place. Our stares can't be separated, not by us. His lips are few inches apart from one another, getting into the positions and ready to move but there no word come out. Words vanish. All he can do is stares, into my soul, seeking the right move.

My heart races farther and faster even though I'm only standing in the same spot. My mind has been suck into his stare, 'Taylor, why aren't you answering me? Do you love me back?'

"Let's start the surgery, shall we?" Dr. Rose announces clasping her hand; pulls me away from his glance. "Elisa I hope it is alright if Taylor gets you his response after his surgery," she suggests, entwists our arm and pulls me out of the room.

"Elisa, let's talk after," Taylor says shine me a smile telling me 'Everything is alright,' I couldn't help it but to pull away from Dr. Rose's grip and race toward him. Embrace in his chest.

"Don't you die on me," I mumble as tear dripping down.

"I try my best," he mumbles back and pats me on the head, "Elisa," he calls out, "can I see your smile?" He asks.

"Yes," I pull away from him and shoot him a drizzling smile.

"Let's go Elisa, we need to head out of here," Dr. Rose says walking over and pulls me away from him then drags me out of the room. "Please take care of my boy Doctor," she says before we exit from the room.

"Dr. Rose aren't you performing in Taylor's surgery?" I ask facing the door which separated me and Taylor; hoping, praying for the surgery to go very well.

"Any one who's a family member to the patient can't perform the surgery," Dr. Rose explains, "is the rule. They said we will get emotional and not think straight if anything goes wrong," she drops her head with a die look on.

I don't know what else to do expect hold on to her hand; try my best to comfort her, tell her she is not alone. Dr. Rose shoots me somewhat fake smile, but warm smile.

"Mom, Elisa, are you guys just going to stand here or go sit on the chair and wait like what normal people do?" Romeo walks out of the room, pulling his scrub off his body as a six-pack appears on his body.

"Let's go sit down," Dr. Rose mumbles with few creaks in the voice, she places one of her hands on the other side of my shoulder as we both walk to the chair in front of surgery room and sit down with our arm locked.

Romeo sits down beside me, instead of Dr. Rose side. As soon as he sits, I can feel creep glance from him; like he wants to say something. I can't bear the stare, "What is it? Why are you staring at me?" I ask turning my head toward him catch him staring.

Romeo turns away immediately as an act of guilty, "Nothing."

I let out a big sigh with my mind focus back on Taylor. Soon the focus break by Romeo... again. "Do you lady want something to drink?" He asks facing me being as annoying as he ever be.

"Sure Romeo, I will have a bottle of water," Dr. Rose says curling into a ball worrying.

"I will have a..."

"Come to get the water with me," Romeo says interrupt my sentences. "I need someone help me carry the drinks."

"You can't carry three bottles of water?" I ask standing up from the chair and walk to a nearby vending machine.

Romeo silently follows closely behind me as I turn and turn trying to find a vending machine that sells drinks. Each time I turn, I get more lost than ever.

After all of walking around, somehow we end up in a beautiful garden behind the hospital tired and out of breathe. My legs get up as I drop myself on the grasses.

"Couldn't walk anymore?" Romeo asks standing before me, "you know there is vending machine everywhere inside the hospital," he adds sitting beside me on the grasses.

I playfully punch his arm, "Why don't you tell me earlier," I said tired out, "that would save us a lot of walking and time. And I would still be in front of Taylor's surgery room right now," I mumble the last part while staring at bunch of flowers, wondering about Taylor's surgery.

"If I did then I can't spend alone time with you, like now," Romeo says smiling. My face turns toward facing him immediately, trying to figure out what is he up to, "I just want to get to know you since I haven't see you in so long," he adds with a nervous look.

"What do you want to know?" I ask staring at him trying to making him even more nervous. Before he could speak a butterfly flies right in front of me, catching my attention. I stand up from the grass and following it.

It flies around the field a bit before it lands on Romeo's shoulder. I bend down on the grass and lean closer to the butterfly; observe it.

"It is as beautiful as you Elisa," Romeo says with sweet childlike voice.

"Thanks you," I smile peek at him for a moment then focus back to the butterfly.

Out of nowhere Romeo grabs my arm and pulls me forward with all his strength. I fall and landed myself completely on him. When I realize my lips are only inches away from touching his; I freak out and pull away from him immediately; as I warp my lips against my shirt.

"Why the hell did you do that for?" I shout angry at him; relief my lips didn't directly touch his.

"I just wanted you to sit on the grass that's all, who knew you would fall on me," Romeo says sounds defenses and innocent.

"You could have just said so instead of pulling," I argue back; happy my first kiss haven't been taken away.

"Sorry," Romeo apologies with his head down, "are you alright? Anywhere hurt," he asks.

"No, I'm fine," I say warp my lips again. "We should head back, surgery might be over already," I add standing up from the grass.

Romeo stands up as well, "I will go get some drinks, you head back first," he says patting his butt.

"Ok," I mumble then rush back to the building.
Published: 4/23/2014
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