Meet Again (Chapter 20: Jealously)

I hope this chapter is good, I had a little writer's block when I wrote this chapter, but I'm still so excited for this chapter to go up.
Romeo's POV

"Damn it!" I shouted due to frustration. That was so close, I was so close to finally get a kiss from Elisa and I was so looking forward to kiss her. Her sweet lips were only few inches from mine. But 'no', she had to freak out and pulled away from me before I had a chance to kiss her properly.

Whenever Taylor got a crush on a girl, I couldn't help it, but to steal it from him. It was some kind of revenge, I should say. Ever since I was little, my parents cared more about him, they had given him everything he wanted, including freedom. On the other, I had to study for medical and became a doctor like my mom wanted me too. All I could do was study and accomplished my parents' dream. I became friendless and quiet.

The last summer, I spend in this town as a child, I was eight. Taylor and Elisa became the best friend as they always hang out around the house playing. Every day I peeked out and found the smile on their faces grew. How could they had the time of their life when I tracked my books, work, and future...

One day when they were playing hide and seek; I heard one person's footstep ran across the hall and hid in the closet next door. The curiosity got to me as I went out and checked who was the one hiding in the closets.

I opened the door and spotted Elisa covering her face with her hand with the reddish cheek, "Taylor, you found me," she said with her eye closed for some reason and jumped into my embrace; wrapped her arm around my waist and got me a soft kiss on the cheek as she thought I was Taylor.

"You like my brother?" Taylor asked standing down the hall sounded totally heartbroken for the first time in his life. I could still remember how surprised and at the same time sad, he just stood there seeing Elisa hugging me closely. So were the reactions of Elisa.

From that day on, Taylor hated me while I thought Elisa forgot all about it... she didn't even remember Taylor had a brother since it had been too long.

I 'thank' Elisa from my heart for hugging me and tearing down Taylor's heart when she didn't really mean to. Ever since that day I finally felt more important than my stupid brother as it slowly led me to the path of 'Hearts Player' where I could get any girl in the world. Enjoyed myself and revenged for the time I lose when I was a kid.


Elisa's POV

On my way back, I found a vending machine leaning on a side of wall. I finally found it when I already have given up, how funny, this seeing to be how the life-work though.

I couldn't help myself, but to buy two bottles of water including a beer for Romeo since I could smell beer on him when I fall on him, from the smell of it I could tell he must drink daily. Unfortunately on the way heading back to the operating room, I got lose again even though I was so careful and I was sure it was the right direction; this place was seriously a mess.

For hours I wondered through a hall of patient's private room followed by little babies' room. Babies' attraction attached me to the glass window and peeked in staring, giggling at them. When I lifted my head all the way to the back, there I saw Romeo and some nurse, making out.

Romeo felt my glance as he peeked at my direction and saw me. He lips curled upward while it still attached to the strange girl as he sent me a wink.

I weird out and stepped away from the glass then walked away erasing what just happened including what happened outside the hospital ground, completely out of my head.

I rushed down the hall to the elevator, pressed the button and wait.


The elevator arrived as Dr. Rose appeared inside with bunch of other doctors surrounding a bed where Taylor lay on, sleeping.

"Come on in, we are sending him back to the room," Dr. Rose waved her hand signaled me to enter. I took a deep breath, tensed up, nervous out of my mind, taking few longest steps in the world entering the elevator.

The minutes I entered, my eye glued on his face, I grabbed his hand and flashed a smile... HE'S ALIVE.
Published: 5/3/2014
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