Meet Again (Chapter 21 Lose)

Enjoy, this chapter is kind of long.
Elisa's POV

There are mix of emotions, happiness, excitement, gladness as well as I'm scared and horrified when I stand there watching Taylor's eyes open. It has been three hours or more after the surgery, they are the long and lonely hours I sit next to his bed, waiting him to spot me first whenever he wakes up.


"You awake," I mumble, tears start to fell down, immediately I start to sob, "you awake."

"Yes and you still look beautiful as always," he says smiling.

I blush, turning my head to the other way, "I'm going to call Dr. Rose and tell her that you're woken up," I say standing, but before I leave, Taylor grabs onto my wrist and stops me from leaving.

"Stay here, I want some alone time with you stupid," he says trying his best to pull me back onto the seat. "There is so much we have to catch up, tell me everything about your life," he adds failed to pull me back on the seat, but instead I sit back down on my own.

"What do you want to know?" I ask suddenly the time, what I confessed pops into my head.

"Everything. How's your life? Your brother and do you still lov..." he starts to seizure and it seems he couldn't even breathe.

"Taylor?" I rush to the door knowing he is not alright, "Doctors? Help?" I shout grabbing their attention. "Something is wrong with Taylor," I add. Nurses and Doctors pace into the room with carts of machine.

When I try to enter, a nurse stops me, "Sorry honey, you have to stay out of here," she informs me, shutting the door.

My body drops on the ground like a dead waste, I wrap my arm around my head, scare. Scare losing him again after all these years we finally gotten back together. Every minutes out of that surgery room is hell and now here, this moment is like the deepest part of hell, where it sucks all my energy out. Everything around me block out.


"It had been so long since last time I saw you, look how tall you are," I hear Dr. Rose's voice in the room. I flash my eyelid open and see Aiken (my brother), Lexis, and Dr. Rose standing in front of my bed.

"It had been hasn't it?" Aiken replies, "how are you these days? Is everybody well?"

"I'm doing pretty great and I see you're still with your lovely girlfriend Lexis. Are you two getting married soon? You two had been together as long as I first meet you," Dr. Rose says with an impressed tone.

"Someone hasn't proposed yet," Lexis says with a hint to Aiken.

"Dr. Rose, I want to talk to you about the house you and my mother bought for Elisa and Taylor. I'm shocked you two did that for them, but I don't think Taylor and Elisa are going to get married in the future, so why don't you take the key," Aiken hands her the key to the house, changing the subject.

"No, I can't take it," Dr. Rose rejects the key, "we bought the house so they," she stops redressing her sentences, "We bought the house, so we can all live in there as one big family. Your mom and I have that dream ever since Taylor and Elisa are born. Keep the key, I'm sure they will end up together like we hope," she pushes Aiken's hand back.

I can't believe what I just heard, are they serious? They bought a house just because I seem to be interested in Taylor when I was a kid.... unbelievably - sweet.

"How can you be so sure, it had been so long, they are strangers to each other now," Aiken argues, "I don't think it is going to work out."

"But they still have these sweet memories and Taylor gets well, they can make some more," Dr. Rose says, I can hear the excitement in her voice, "and the best part is, Elisa already confessed..."

"Aiken, when did you get here?" I ask sitting up on the bed, purposely interrupt their conversation.

"And how did I get on here?" I ask confused, since I only remembered myself curling into a ball, scared that Taylor had seizure... "Oh god, how is Taylor? Is he alright?"

Dr. Rose walks to the other side of the room with 'I know you were going to ask' smile on her face. She closes the curtain as he appears on the bed with his eyes close, "Don't worry, he is safe and sound."

"Good," I mumble still don't feel relief, there is part of me telling me, warming me, what happened before will occur again and there is nothing I can do just to watch him.

"You faint right outside the room Elisa, what happened? Is any part of your body hurt?" Aiken asks worried about me.

"No, I'm fine."

"You are injured Elisa, aware of that before you start to run around," Aiken points at me using his index finger warming me again and again.

"Sorry, I will be more cautions from now on," I say unconsciously wrap the blanket around my body.

"You haven't been eating well, Elisa, plus the anxiety you have these days that's why you fainted," Dr. Rose explains holding a bag, "Eat this after every meal for the rest of the day, got it and I will keep you on watch for a few days just to make sure you have the nutrition you need," she adds and winks at me, "In this room," she flashes another wink.

"Thank you," I reply thankful, she let me stay here, so I could stay with Taylor. "Were you guys talking about a house of some short earlier?" I become curious remember their conversation earlier.

"Oh... we'll talk you about it when you're old enough, proba..." Aiken says before he can finish the sentences Dr. Rose cuts in.

"It is a house which your mom and I bought for you and Taylor for the future," she says crossed her arm in front of her chest looking proud, "Your mother wants you to have a secure future since she knows she will die soon either by your father or a deadly disease which are living inside of her. So when she saw you play so well with Taylor, she bought a house for you, but since her money is limited, I pay the another half and then it become you and Taylor's dream house."

I'm not sure either to be excited or angry at them. They can't tell the future... especially not about 'love' or 'friendship'. One day we might be close, but who knows what will happen next. We might end up not talking to each other at all or we might become worst enemy although I would rather lose my memory than being his worst enemy. In fact, I wouldn't want our friendship to be broken apart at all, no matter what... I don't want to lose him.

I nod my head, staring at the blanket surrounds me, avoiding eye contact.

"Does that mean me and Elisa are engaged?" Taylor asks out of nowhere, I turn to him and see him with his eyes open, but still lying on his bed.

"No," Aiken says with a little louder voice, "you are not engaged with my sister," he adds.

"Who is your sister and thank goodness, I don't have to get married to someone I don't know at all," Taylor says with a relieved expression. I literally hear my heart has broken into pieces.

How can he said 'he doesn't know me?' I just confessed before his surgery! Wait, is this a way of rejecting someone? By telling them they don't know who they are? Is that how cruel he is, rejecting a girl like that? I seriously want to punch him, in the face if it wouldn't for my brother sudden shouting.

"How dare you, little pump," Aiken shouts angrily while walks toward him with a fast pace, "My little sister is the best thing that's ever happened to you, don't pretend you don't know who she is," he says grabbed the hospital clothes and lifts his chest upward.

"Aiken, stop," Dr. Rose says and I shouted in union. As Lexis runs near him and holds him back from doing something stupid, "I need to examine Taylor, there's something wrong with him." Dr. Rose says walking over tilting her head, "If he does that on purpose, I will kill him myself Aiken, now go get some fresh air and let me examine him," she adds slapping her hand on the nightstand.

Aiken sighs, he then grabs Lexis' hand and walks to the door, "Elisa do you want ice cream? I will buy you one on my way back, alright," he says waving at me and shooting a lovely smile like he always does.

"I want chocolate ice cream," I add waving back with my head on the ground, so he won't see how heartbroken I am.

"Taylor, how are you feeling? And that wasn't funny," Dr. Rose says pointing his forehead.

Taylor seeing unfamiliar to her and reads her name tag, "Dr..... Dr. Rose?" He calls her name, "Sorry Dr. Rose why the hell are you interrupting in my personal business," he says like he doesn't know her, "You're just my doctor," he adds appearing a side of him, I never know.

I can see Dr. Rose tightens her fist wanting to punch him in the face, "Excuse me young man, I am your mother, how dare you talk to me that way," she replies leaning and gives him death stares.

Taylor's eye widens, "But my last name isn't Rose, it is Carter."

"That's because I divorced your father," Dr. Rose explains. I never knew Dr. Rose and Ms. Carter are divorced... It is kind of shocking since Taylor never mentioned that to me at all.

"What kind of games are you planning Taylor? You think it is funny, don't you hurt Elisa like that?" She asks and sounds pissed off.

"I can't remember anything beside my name," Taylor mumbles.
Published: 5/6/2014
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