Meet Again (Chapter 22: Memories)

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Taylor’s POV

Stranger, unfamiliar faces surround around my bedside. Their face went from a smile to sadness when I told them ‘I don’t remember anything beside my name’.

Dr. Rose, the woman who claims to be my mother runs out of the room to call the doctor while biting her bottom lips, with an eye that might explode any minute. A girl in the same hospital uniform as me just stands few step away staring at me, she looks shocked; so shocked that she couldn’t move another inch. But I have to admit she is rocking, the uniform she wears fits perfectly with her brown hair and shining eyes. I have a feeling she could make any clothes look beautiful, no matter what.

Bunch of doctors enter the room with Dr. Rose as some nurse pulls that hospital uniform girl out of the room. She just letting them pull her like a puppet while staring back at me. Her eyes stand onto me all the way out the door, she didn’t blink, I couldn’t help it, but to stare back, trying to recognize her in any possible way.

Doctors grab back my attention and exam me with all they get, trying to figure things out. I get annoyed by all their touches and try to break free like some prisoner. Instead of stopping they continue to examine me, without any concern, how I may be feeling.

After entire five minutes of torture, they finally get what they need and report to Dr. Rose. I fall back on the bed and cover myself with a blanket, letting out a big sight. As I start to thought how strange this world is, I don’t know anyone and they are all stranger.

I watch as every doctor in the room walks out deeply into their discussion about what are they going to do with me or what can they do in order to fix me back to my old self.

The brown hair girl squeezes in the room as the doctor walks out. As she comes near me, I see tear trade around the corner of her eye as an evidence of her crying just now.

I suddenly have a need of cheering her up for some reason, "Hi, you're Elisa right? Hi, I’m Taylor," I introduced even myself though I know she already knows me, "Do you want to be my friend? … Until I got my memory back, I mean," I add holding out my hand.

She grabs onto my hand and shakes it, "I know who you are silly and yes, I would love to be your friend Taylor," she replies.

When she says so, suddenly a kindergarten version of her appears blurry in my mind. In there she is smiling bright like a sun, cute like a puppy. I immediately want to punch myself just for being a reason for her to cry, making her upset, "Have we done this before? We greet like that on the first day of kindergarten didn’t we, that’s how we become friend," I ask.

Elisa waits for a moment as she tilts her head, "Did you get your memory back?"

I shake her head side to side, "No, I just feel familiar, to you, to this greeting. I feel like I had done this before, somewhere long ago," these words slip out of my mouth as I force myself in search of memory, "Tell me everything, every memories I share with you."

"All of it?.... that could take a year," she replies.

I smirk, "I guess you're stuck with me until then, since you don't want to help me recover my memories, do you?"

She didn’t say another word, instead she just stands there glue her eye to her feet. "You don’t want to?" I mumble, coming to a conclusion of her not willing to help, "You don’t want to help me?" The question slips from my mouth again.

Her head shoots up in an instant, "No… I mean yes… wait, wait, wait, I mean ‘Yes,’ I do want to help you, I have no problem with it, whatsoever," she freaks out replying with all different kinds of nervous moments.

"Then tell me how we meet," I ask excited and scare about hearing the real me, the old me before I lose myself.


Elisa’s POV

Oh my goodness, where should I start. What part. We had a lot of fun back when we were kid and I want to tell him all right here, right now without letting out a single deal, but where should I start…. How about our fishing trip we took with our parent on our first day of summer, or that accident in the playground or even better… the day we turn that ice cream store into a haunted house. Damn it, I couldn’t decide.

"Elisa? Tell me about our past?" He asks.

I bit my lip trying to choose the prefect one to tell, "Ok, so on the first few days of Kindergarten, I was absent since I caught flu, just a day before school had started. When I was finally alright to go to school, everyone already had made their very own group of friends. I tried my best to get to know my classmates, but it didn’t work out so well, not until…."



One day in the art class, Taylor, a little jerk came up to me and splashed an entire bottle of glitter on my head. "The glitter fit you perfectly," he laughed.

Instead of crying, I dumped entire bottle of paint on his head as a comeback while sticking my tongue out smirking. Showing him what he got when he messed up with me. As I laughed at how ridicules he looked, he grabbed a plate of different color of paint and smashed it in my face.

We didn’t stop there. I got back at him by stick paint brush on his face all at once. Then he got back at me using some other art material and soon the entire classes started to have a paint fight. Then he and I were got into trouble.

The teacher held us in the principal’s office as we sat on a chair across from each other, face-to-face. I could still remember all the colors on his face. Like the yellow on his head, the blue around his eyes while red surrounding his mouth. Even his clothes were mix with violet color.

I have to said, that day he seems like a prince of flower wearing their kingdom’s special uniform that just arrive at the human world, trying everything that is crazy.

"What?" He asked noticed my stares on him.

"Nothing," I removed my eye from him to principal’s desk.

"You’re the first girl who would do something that crazy just because of a little joke," he mumbled with a small tiny smile hanging on the corner of his lips, "Would you like to be friend with me?" He asked with normal voice.


"Become friend with me, come on. You’re the craziest girl, I had ever met and I would like to be your friend," he begged, got off the chair and came closer, "Come on, we will have so much fun together." He added holding out his hand, "I am Taylor, what is your name?"

I stared at him trying to figure out what was he up to. I mean he must be crazy for trying to become friend with someone who he, himself thought of a ‘Crazy Person’. No one but him would ever do that. But after few second I get in as that smile on his face stayed. "I am Elisa," I introduced myself giving him another chance since he seemed like a pretty nice person.

"Hello Elisa," he then suddenly brushed into laughter, "you looked like a flower monster." He manages to say it through the laughter.

"And you look like a boy who is able to gotten eaten by the monster," I said crossing my arm in front of my chest.

He raised his hand in surrender, "Flower monster, don’t eat me." He said with a scare little boy’s voice.

I stand there stared at him while trying my best to stay in the role, but a chuckle left my mouth and we both brush into unforgettable laughter.

That day was the best day of my life and I so glad, I became friend with him.

End of Flashback


"Who win the paint fight," Taylor asked me with warmer kind of eye than before.

"I don’t know. Teacher stopped the fight before one of us won," I reply sitting on the ledge of my bed, tired of standing.

"Elisa, do you want to settle our paint fight once and for all? We can’t let the story stand unfinished like that," he asks like his old self.

"Sure, why not."
Published: 5/23/2014
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