Meet Again (Chapter 24)

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Taylor’s POV

I feel the sun’s warm rays glancing upon my face and soon it converts my entire body. Slowly I wake up while taking in a fresh breath of air and find myself lying on Elisa’s lap.

From here I could see her sleeping, her sweet yet tear-traced face telling me that she had been crying a lot. And the reason behind her cry is none other than myself who promises to be her protector for eternal. I feel shamed that I couldn’t even do that, I can’t even make her smile more than cries.

What kind of man am I, when I can’t even make the girl I love smile?

That’s right. I am a jerk rather than a man. Maybe I should vanish from her life forever that way she could finally live happily. My hands slowly reach for her cheek as I use my thumb to wrap of the rest of the tears in the corner of her eye.

I get up from the lap and shift my body next to hers, then slowly push her head onto my shoulder, so she won’t have neck pain when she wakes up. For the first time, I notice some sweet smell of perfume on her which fits her perfectly. But why haven’t I notice it before? That is weird. We hang out a lot, but I guess, I never get close enough to her to smell it.

We are too far apart. That is the only answer I could come up with for not notice this perfume on her.

When I realize, my head is laying on top of hers and constantly gives her kisses on the head (like how boy kisses his girl).


Hours pass but it only seems like a minute to me. Elisa wakes up from her sleep and stares at me weirdly as if she has seen a ghost.

"What?" I ask her curious of her look.

"I thought…." She freezes. Few seconds later, she starts to talk again, "I thought, YOU WERE DEAD," she punches me on the shoulder and cries out like a baby wakes up from a nightmare; which is super adorable in my option.

"Idiot," I reply pat her on the head while pulling her in for a hug. "I will never leave you again you idiot, no matter what," I add.

The moment I finish the sentence I regret it, since I might not able to keep that promise because I would either die from the illness or from the group of boys I hang with, when I'm away. I know they would never leave me live since I know all their secrets and that secrets can be deathly.

All the sudden, I have an idea, "Let’s go, I have a place to show you," I say pull away from her and stand up from the ground. I hold out my hand to her and pull her up as well.

"Where are we going?" She asks while I hold on to her hand and pull her out of the parking lot.

I smirk, "Is a secret."

"Another secret place like the lake house?" She asks.

"You’ll know when we get there," I inform her and soon notice we both are still wearing hospital gown. "Elisa, is your brother still home? We need to quickly stop by your house and change," I ask.

She looks at her dress and noticed that, "He should be at work right now. The house is empty."

"That’s great," I reply looking at my own gown then an idea comes to mind, "Do you think your brother’s clothes will fit me?"

Elisa looks at me from up to down, "I don’t know, your body shape somewhat like my brother’s, but I think his clothes would be a bit big on you though," she closely instigates.

"Anything is better than this stupid, ridicules look gown."

"You look cute in this."

"Really? Should I wear this to school one day?"

Elisa and I stop walking and stand staring at each other, then we both break into laughter while her cheek turns red; she is so cute.


On our way to her house, all I could look at and think about is her lips. Her pink, soft lips which shine under the sunlight as it lusts me to tasting it. Something is wrong with me, my body is boiling with heat, I have a need of tasting her lips.
Published: 6/18/2014
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