Meet Again (Chapter 3: Recognize)

Teddy goes to her secret hide out... guess who she found?
Elisa's POV

The school day is finally over, I hop into my car and leave immediately. Before going home, I head toward a secret base where me and my friend Parker were used to meet. Parker is my childhood friend who moved out of town, 11 years ago. Parker is his nick name, I named him after we watched 'Spider Man 1, 2, and 3'. He never had problem with it, so after a few months, Parker became his name instead of what his parent named him.

The secret base is nothing but an abandoned ice cream store that is said to be hunted by ghost. No one knew that it was actually me and Paker's brilliance. After what we did, no one was brave enough to eat at the store anymore, so the owner decided to shut it down forever.

The store owner left the machine inside the store since he didn't want the hunted machine in his new store, in the mall. On the last day, when he was here, he had been informed that his new store caught on fire, so he was in a hurry, forgot to lock the backdoor of this hunted store. As we knew, he was so-scared to come back, we both used to go there and have as much ice cream as we want.

I park my car in the neighborhood behind the ice cream shop. Then I walk through the neighborhood and get in through the backdoor into this ice cream wonderland. If I had any bad day, I would come here and eat ice cream, while relive old memories I had with Parker.

This time when I enter the store, the machine is already on, but I remembered last time turning it off before I left... Did I forget to turn it off? But the machine seems to be ok, so it is not a big deal, I say to myself as I hold a cup and walk over to the machine to get some ice cream.

The machine haven't got any care which it needed over the year, so it took awhile to make ice cream. Sometime when I tired of waiting, I just kick it, hoping it will speed up. I hold my feet in the air and when I'm about to kick, a sound of tool dropping appears behind it.

I freak out and become quiet immediately, waiting to see if I heard a sound or it was just an illusion. I walk toward the back of the machine where I can see a big butt sticking out behind it, "Hello? Who is there?" I ask while picking up a stick that I find on the ground.

The person hears me and backs his head out of the machine. I walk backward just in case if he is a psycho killer or something.

As soon as his head reaches out of the machine, he put his hands up like he is being arrested, but I'm unable to see his face due to darkness. I point the stick at him and ask, "Who the hell are you? And how do you know this place?"

"Who else could I be idiot," a familiar and sweet voice comes from the dark as he drops his hand, "E? Is that you?" He adds. The only person in this whole world who calls me 'E' is Parker....

"Parker?" I ask as tears rush out of my eyes.

"The name is Taylor Carter, but you call me Parker," he responses and comes into the light.

"Taylor..." I mumble while looking up and down.

He rushes over and hugs me. At first I'm little scare since he is still kind of strange to me, but then I feel the same warmth that I used to feel when we were little. This warmth I can never forget.

He pulls away with a big smile while both of his hands are grabbed onto my shoulders, "E, I can't believe it is you ... I should have notice it's you, as soon as I saw you," he says checking me out.

"It has been at least 11 years, we haven't seen each other. Of course, you couldn't recognize me, just like I couldn't recognize you either," I tell him, I couldn't stop myself looking at the scar on his shoulder.

He notices the direction, I am staring at, so he let go of my shoulders and looks at it as well, "You are probably wondering why there is a scar on my shoulder, aren't you?" He asks, looking into my eyes. "Sorry E, I can't tell you, if I do, you definitely will hate me," he explains.

I don't want to ruin my reunion with my best friend after a long years, so I change the subject and see him as that little boy again, "Let's go make some ice cream then, Parker."

He seems to be relieved that I agree to ignore the scar and everything. Instantly he walks to the ice cream machine and pushes its bottom. In a second, it pumps out ice cream since it have been warm up for long. He hands me a full cup of ice cream as he gets some for himself. We sit on the floor as we start eating the coldzee ice cream.

The quietness between us shows us how much strangers we have become, in the old days we never stopped talking, never ran out of topic. We used to talk about everything even if it were super-personal. Maybe it is just me or he have changed a lot in present. His smile is not as bright as before, he is taller than me now, so I can't called him a short any longer.

He takes a full spoon of ice cream and gulps in his mouth like he hasn't had it ever, since he was little. I giggle as he shows his childish face to me, like we are still in first grade.

"E did you move? When I went to your old house, it was burned down," he asks.

I stuff some more ice cream in my mouth to avoid the answer, but he keeps staring at me forcing me to open my mouth, "My..." Tears starting to gather around my eyes, "My house was burned down a year after you left, so me and my brother are living with our grandparents' house now."

He nods as if he feels bad for forcing me to answer. Again silence falls upon us when someone knocks on the backdoor. Taylor looks at his watch as if he is late for something. He stands up immediately and grabs his thing.

"Where are you going?" I ask standing up and get the dirt off my butt.

"I'm late... goodbye E, see you in school," he says and rushes toward the door.

He opens the door and a police officer appears at the front door. Taylor pats on his shoulder and disappears. The police waves at me and follows him.

I run out, and spot him sitting in the front seat of the police car as they drive away.
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Published: 1/16/2014
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