Meet Again (Chapter 4: Rainbow Disappears After the Rain)

This chapter meant to describe Elisa's past and get to know her better...
After Taylor left the ice cream shop, I drive around neighborhood, when I notice my car is parked across his old house. Now it has been someone else's home, ever since his family left. I glance at it for an hour, refreshing my memory of my happy childhood.

Then my brother calls me to come home to have dinner with him and his girlfriend. My brother's name Aiken, he is 20 and currently working, so I could go to school and stuff. After my parents die, our family relative could took us in, but they only accept one in each family, separating me and my brother.

My brother and I don't want to lose each other, so we refuse their offer and live in our own house. I used to do a part-time job, so brother don't have to deal with all of money problem himself. After a while, he stabilized the income and send me back to school. I don't want to go back at all, but I have to go for him because after my parents die, he quite studying at NY University just to stay with me.

After everything, we have gone through in our life, finally we seem to go back to normal, a fire started and burned our house to ground. Everything that reminded me of my parents is gone, leaving me bunch of woods and teary eyes.

We're now renting in our late grandparent's house. All of our relatives have money issues, so before our house was burned down, our grandparents' houses were rented to stranger. It is a good thing they let us rented the house even though I could see disapprove in their eyes.

Everyone in this town now thinks me and my brother are bad luck since all these unlucky thing happened all at once. They all choose to stay away from us, but lucky this is my last year of High school, after I graduated, I will go to a college far away from here with my brother and get a scholarship, leaving all horrible memory behind.

When I arrive home, I could see Aiken and Lexis (my brother's girlfriend) preparing dinner while joking around a bit. I giggle at the happy couple as I walk toward the house. They're so cute together.

"Elisa you're home," Aiken said right after I open the door. "Dinner is ready, you are just in time," he adds, place a plate on the table.

"I guess I am," I smile and sit on the chair, don't feeling very hungry because I ate ice cream.

"Did you go eat ice cream before coming home?" Aiken asks while looking at my expression.

I smirk with puppy eye, but talk about ice cream, I remember Taylor... "Aiken guesses who I meet in the ice cream shop?" I blush out with excitement.

"The police found you there?" He jokes.

"No, it is Parker. He came back."

"Who?" He asks confused.

"Taylor, I mean Taylor," I say looking at him, hope he doesn't forget about him yet.

"Oh, you mean Taylor that sweet kid. The one who places prank all over the house every time he comes over," he remembered.

"I remembered him, he had the softest voice on earth," Lexis said remembering him as well since she was born in this town. I nodded in response happy they all remembered him.

"Call him over some time, I haven't see him in years," he added and started to eat.

After dinner, we all decide to watch a movie together. When I check my phone, there is a text message from Emma saying, "So that new kid lived in this town before, he was your one and only friend, wasn't he? I want him..." I didn't text her back because I don't want to answer her and I don't get what she meant by 'I want him'.


The next morning when I arrive at school, I spot Emma talking with Parker (Taylor) holding a folder. Taylor snaps the folder from her hand and reads it. As he reads it, his face turns horrified, but Emma smiles so bright.

She starts to talk right after Taylor finishes reading the document, while holding out her hand. Taylor forcefully grabs her hand and holds it as they walk toward the school building.

Then I receive a text from Emma to everyone in school saying, "Taylor is my BOYFRIEND from now *Wink*"
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Published: 1/20/2014
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