Meet Again (Chapter 5: Is it Time to Get a Date!)

All the mystery and questions... Will we have answer today? Let's find out.
After I read the text I felt weird and annoying? What a weird feeling! Why am I not happy for my friend who gets a date? I should have congratulated him. Am I not happy because he's dating Emma the girl I hate or is it because Taylor is mine one and only friend in the school?

With lots of thoughts in my mind, I rush to my first period and wait for Taylor to show up. While I'm waiting, my minds keep going back to the parking lot rethink over the moment over and over again. I still remember the look on Taylor's face after he read the document inside the folder, it is the most suspicious and it catches my attention. What could be in the folder? What is Taylor hiding? Why was he with the police yesterday? Why did he have scar on his shoulder? Emma must have used her dad's power to dig up all secret that I don't know about Taylor. When I thought about Emma know Taylor better than me, anger flesh through my vein.

"Morning E," Taylor arrives in class and sits in front of me waving.

"Morning Parker... I meant Taylor," I smile and wave.

"You can call me whatever you want E, I don't mind," he suggests.

I nod then ask, "Taylor you trust me right? If you trust me, tell me about yourself and the past years when you were away. What happened? Why did you come back?" The word blushes out of my mouth and flows into the open air.

He looks down avoiding eye contact, "You will hate me, after you find out the truth, so don't ask. I don't want to lose you and I won't ask about yours too," he says with a totally serious face. I keep quite, feel awkward.

He brings his head up and takes in a deep breath, "E," he calls out my name and our eyes contact to each other, "Let's continue to be friend like we used to," he smiles. At that moment I spot some sparkle in his eyes making my eyes attach to his, like we're the only two people exist on Earth.


I snap back to reality, "Sure, I would like to be friend with you again." I get him a fake smile, knowing that I will find out the truth sooner or later, he can't hide it forever.

"E, do you want to double date? Me and Emma, and you and a boy you like," he asks as his eyes full of excitement.

"Sure that sounds awesome," I reply, don't want to let him down.

"Great, how about tonight," he adds.

The bell rings right after and Mrs. Rose walks in. Taylor turns back to the front and leaves a piece of paper on my desk.

I can't believe, he would ask me to go on a double date with him and Emma tonight. How can I find a date by tonight when everyone thinks I'm bad luck? Did Emma set this up? Is she trying to embarrass me in front of Taylor? Did he know Emma set this up? Emma must have used his secret to make him go out with her, is what he trying to hide that horrible? Questions keep building up and I don't have any answers.

As I think about all these mystery, the bell rings and I realize the first period is over. Taylor turnarounds when he is about to talk, Emma calls out, "Tay-Tay," as she stands in the doorway.

Taylor's face turns annoyed as he heard her voice. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath trying to control himself. Before he gets up and leaves, he gives me a smile then points at the piece of paper on my desk, "That is my phone number, call me anytime," and he walks toward Emma.

As he reaches her, she embraces him as if she wants to reveal their relationship in public. I couldn't help, but to feel like I'm losing my best friend or something worse. Taylor pulls himself away from her after a few seconds, like he doesn't want to hug her. She then grabs his hand and pulls him into the hallway out of my sight.

I put the piece of paper he gave me into my packet and sighs, don't know how to pull the double date off. I gather my thing and walk for next class. While going through, I look at each guy in the school to find a date.

Then it strikes me, Zane. Emma's ex boyfriend, he is popular too, but he is a playboy that everyone knows. He would go on a date with every girl in school, including me. Once he asked me out on a date, but I turned him down. I guess this time I have to ask him and he better said, 'yes' since he is my only choice.


During lunch time, I walk around the school building searching for Zane. He never eats in the cafeteria, but he always goes out with some girl and have lunch together in an empty classroom.

I go through every classroom in order to find him. When doing, I spot him with a blue jacket and buggy pant, he's feeding a girl chocolate, using his mouth. I try not to show disgust on my fac,e but the way he does it is unbelievable.

He spots me at the doorway, "Elisa if you don't like it, then go away," he said.

"I have something to ask of you," I say, don't want any extra conversation with him.

"Oh," his eyes light up, "what is it sweetheart?" He flirts and let go of the girl's waist.

'I can't believe I'm going to say this but...' I mumble and tighten my paw, "Would you go on a double date with me, tonight?"

He and the girl look shocked. "What?" They both ask, not sure what they heard is right.

"I'm not repeating it," I said, I want to run and lock myself in an empty room forever.

Zane has a big smile on his face, like he is planning something, "Ok, I will," he says and gives me a wink.

"Great," I said with excitement, trying to show that I'm happy to date with him.

The girl next to him pulls out her phone and starts texting. "Elisa, give me your number, so I can call you," he replies.

"(Xxx)-xxx-0000," I tell him and walk away immediately while ashamed of myself. I should have turned down Taylor when he asks, but I'm too proud to admit to him that I don't have date and now the shame continues.

I walk to the rooftop, lie down and stare at the open sky hoping, things will turnout better once tonight is over.
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Published: 1/21/2014
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