Meet Again (Chapter 6: Before The Evening)

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Taylor's POV

I sit at the lunch table with Emma and her group of friend. To tell the true I hate crowned place, I meant why everyone gathers up when there is so much space outside. Where the air is fresher, the sun is brighter and is quieter. I only agree to sit here was because Emma inform me that Elisa will be here as well but since the periods started I didn't see a sight of her.

In a few minutes if Elisa doesn't show up, I will leave this lousy table. I'm bored sitting here and I have nothing in comment with Emma at all. Emma on the other hand, seems very excited about the double date, she even make an appointment of the nail salon before the date tonight. I don't get girls.

Emma is always on phone, neither her phone never stops ringing nor the text messages, it keeps coming. Every time she receives a text, she shows it to me, letting me read all the congrats she got, when she informed people about me. Except for one message she receives just about a second ago, she doesn't let me read it, instead she replies back and deletes it immediately. I only peek at her phone screen as she replies, curious. I don't get much info before she sends it. The only thing I read from her screen is the name "Zane," and "Let's meet after school".

Whoever this Zane is just save me from her. I want to escape after school since she wants me to tag along with her in the nail salon.

Few minutes after, everyone's phone starts buzzing and they all receive a text. Emma leans over and shows me the text message from "Zane". It said, "Elisa is my date tonight, she just asks me out!"

I'm shocked by the message because I thought Elisa already has a boyfriend, that was why I asked her on a double date. If I know she doesn't have a boyfriend yet, I would never ask her to go on a double date with me and Emma. I would rather hang out with her alone.

It seems like I'm the only one who doesn't know about her. As I look around the room, everybody reads the text while showing no sign of surprise, instead they shake their head as if they feel horrible for her. Emma on the other hand, giggles a little, so did her friends.

I get piss off how they react, so I stand up and leave. Emma doesn't seem to care, she keeps laughing. I walk into the hallway, head to the class to get some peace.


During the second half of the day, I don't see Elisa. Now the school is over, Emma comes to say goodbye and runs off to some place to meet Zane. I start walking to the parking lot and spot the same car that was parked behind the ice cream shop. That moment I know, it is Elisa and I'm sure she hasn't left yet. The excitement rushes through my veins and my body moves toward school again to see her.

As I walk through the school, I heard someone calls out Elisa's name, the sound is coming out of a classroom which is isolated from the rest. I come near it. I heard, "Zane, teach Elisa a lesson after our double date, so she knows who's the boss in this school!" What? Is that Emma?

"Sure thing, I have been waiting for this a long, but I never get a chance to be alone with her. This is just prefect," the other male voice says, I'm sure, it is none other than Zane's voice. The first girl voice is of Emma. What are they doing here? I wonder.

"What is your plan? And you better wait until me and Taylor are gone completely," Emma asks and warns him.

"What? You're not going to stay and enjoying the show?" Zane asks.

"Sadly I can't, Taylor is good friend with Elisa. If he is there, I think he will beat you up." She says loud.

"Then I guess, I will record it and you can watch it afterward," Zane replies and sighs, sound like he is disappointed that she can't be there.

"Awesome... We're going to have fun tonight," Emma laughs, "I'm late for my nail appointment, see you," she rushes out of the classroom.

I run to the classroom next door and hide behind the door waiting for her to pass. I tighten my paw, want to beat these two badly. But If I get into a fight, I cannot see Elisa again. I hold back my anger and think of a plan which can stop Zane, without getting into a fight.

Whatever they're planning I will protect Elisa like I promised her when we're little.
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Published: 1/22/2014
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