Meet Again (Chapter 7: The Date)

The date is here! Will Taylor stop Zane before it is too late or will Zane success? Let's find out!
Elisa's POV

As I get home from school, Lexi grabs me by the arm and pulls me into my room, "Elisa I heard you have a date tonight," she says overexcited.

Wow! She already heard the news that mean the whole town too knows about it. They must have been wondering what's wrong with Zane agreeing to the date, but since there is more important thing for me to worry about, I pull that behind me and simply nod.

"I prepare a nice outfit for you," Lexi says, points to my bed where lies a cute top and dark blue ripped jeans.

"I will just wear a sweater and sweat pant Lexi, this is not necessary," I reply, don't want to dress nice and give Zane a wrong impression that I like him at all.

Lexi starts arguing with me about how I should look nice on my date, I try to explain how this is not an official date, but the more I explain, the more she misunderstands. At the end, I give up and wear the clothes she prepares for me.


Around 6 almost 7, Emma's car appears in my driveway. I walk out of the house and spot Taylor sitting in the front seat of the car with Emma. Somehow this feels like old time when Taylor and I playing house; he was the movie star and I was his dreamy wife. He used to come pick me up every night after a day of filming and we would head for the best restaurant in town. We were really childish, now I think about it, but those are the time that I wouldn't forget for the rest of my life.

I get into the back seat of the car and spot Zane seating on the other side across me. Emma backs the car out of the driveway immediately after I get in, "We're going to the steak house for dinner," she announces.

Zane turns to me after a few minutes of silence, "Evening."

"Hi," I wave back feeling awkward already since he is staring at me from up to down.

"Isn't this your grandparents' house?" Taylor asks recognize it a little.

"Yeah, but now me and my brother live in it," I reply want to change the subject.

"What about you parents?" He asks.

The drive becomes quiet as I look out the window figuring out the best response.

"You know what, who cares about your parents! It is good that they're gone, I remember your dad beat you up when you didn't do anything wrong. I used to worry about you since you always get hurt from one spot or another," Taylor mumbles with a sigh of relief.

Tears start to gather around my eyes, as the painful memory I locked up in my brain, slowly surfaces. Emma and Zane giggle, "The beating get worse after you get out of the town," she mumbles loud enough to let him heard.

Tears rush out of my eyes unstoppable. Seem my watery eyes make Emma and Zane smirk.

I push the car door open, force Emma to emergence, stop the car in the middle of the street "What the hell? If you don't want to live then don't drag us down with you," she shouts.

I ignore her and step out of the car then walk back to my house, not wanting to spend another minutes with them. Zane opens the car door and chases after. He grabs me by my hand and pulls me toward someplace, "Not so fast, you can't go home yet."

"Why not?" I ask, stop letting him pull me.

"The date isn't over until I said so," Zane announces with a smirk.

"Too bad, I'm calling it off," I say, rip my arm out of his grab.

He doesn't stop there. He grabs me by the shoulder and stops me from leaving. I try to get lose from him, but instead I slip and fall backward regretting to ever ask him to be my pretend date.

Then I land in a pair of warm and comfortable arm which I know for sure is not of Zane since this arm have more muscle than Zane will ever have. I look up and see Taylor holding me, "E, are you ok?" He asks.

I nod as my mind becomes blind for some reason. Before I have a chance to stand up on my own two feet, Taylor bend down and wraps my leg onto his other arm and lifts me completely off the ground.

"Elisa is my date, go find your own," Zane says push Taylor on the back focus him to fall front-ward

Taylor quickly finds his balance while still holding me; no intention of letting me down.

Then Emma gets out of the car and yells, "Taylor put Elisa down and get back in the car please."

He shakes his head, "Not a chance."

Emma smirks, "If you don't do what I say, I will tell your secret," she warns him.

Taylor smirks back, "If you do... I am not your boyfriend anymore," he replies and turns his back on her and runs down the street which is opposite from our house.

WHAT! I can't believe what I just heard. So, let me get this straight. Emma blackmails him, so he will go out with her? Is she that low? Or is there something else?

I turn back and take a look at Emma and Zane as Taylor runs down the street. I see Zane chases after us for few step, but then Emma stops him and makes him stand there as we getting far away.

When I couldn't see Emma or Zane any longer, I bury my head into Taylor's chest and sigh, "Taylor what does Emma have against you?" I ask.

"Some stupid things I did after I leave this town," he replies, "I don't want to talk about it... E, did your father abuse you even more after I left?" He asks.

"I don't want to talk about it either," I reply then bury my head into his chest even more.

Before I notice we're arrived at the ledge of the town. I shot up my head and look around seeing nothing but tree "Taylor where are you taking me?" I ask.

He smiles, "Somewhere safe, peaceful, beautiful, and to my very own secret place," he informs and start carrying me into the forest.

"I can walk you know," I say seeing him kind of out of the breath.

"Not a chance, I'm not letting my dreamy wife walk on her own,"

"You remember..." I mumbled into his shirt.
Published: 1/29/2014
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