Meet Again (Chapter 8: The Lake)

Where is Taylor taking Elisa...
Elisa's POV

"Are you cold?" He asks, at the same time I could hear him out of breath even more.

"No, but Taylor if you're tired then let me down, I can walk," I ask worried, since I know I'm kind of heavy.

"We're almost there," he replies turning to face me and gives me a warm smile.

My cheek becomes hotter as I lean back on his neck, can't believe this is real. I close my eyes and use two fingers to squeeze my skin just to make sure that I'm not dreaming. It hurts a lot, but when I open my eyes again, Taylor is still carrying me in this mountain road.

Then a slight moonlight flashes to the corner of my eye, force me to glance at a sparkle in front of us, "We're here," Taylor says looking at the sparkle as well.

"Where?" I ask trying to figure out what kind of place is it, in front of the road.

"It is a Lake, there used to be a club in our parents' generation, but soon it was forgotten by the town people because there was a new club 'Party' opened in town. My parents took me and my brothers here since this club was a place where they first met, so they wanted to make sure someone still remembered this place," Taylor explains.

I squeeze my eyes and look at it, but all I can see is water with beautiful flower on the ledge, but there is no sight of house at all, "Is the club in the open air?" I ask.

He giggles, "No, the house is behind the tree, across the lake," he points in the direction of lake. "There is a wood path across the lake, we have to cross it to get there, but is kind of unstable. The owner of the club built it behind the tree on purpose, so before people arrived at the club, they would have to experiment the unstable fun and already be in the party mood."

Taylor walks to the ledge of the lake where the wood path starts, he then pause and put me down on the ground, "Walk across this wood path by yourself, so you know how fun it is," he says and grabs my hand and pulls me forward.

"This path seems it might break any time soon," I say, pull backward.

"Do you trust me?"

I nod, then he flashes a smile at me, "Then follow me to across it, I promise I won't let you fall," he assures.

I stare into his eyes looking a star reflects in it, as if we're in the outer space flowing around with no way of getting home, but I still feel safe because he is holding my hand.

He pulls me forward as he takes his first step onto the wood path. As soon as he steps on it, the entire path moves uncontrollably. He immediately takes another step then another; soon I come in front of it, as we keep holding hands while he walks forward.

I slowly place my feet on it and the wave moves up and down, like how it seems when Taylor steps on the water before. I freak, but he tightens his grip on my hand that makes me calm down. I wait for few seconds and the path becomes a little stab, but as soon as it does, he takes another step forward making me step forward as well.

The waves of path start to move up and down again. My hands begin to shake like crazy, he turns his head around and said, "You will get used to this after few more steps. When you get used to it, you will enjoy it, trust me."


"Yes," he smiles then step forward again. I follow him, but as my feet land on the path, the stone stumbles again. This time the water moves up and down even more, feel like it is more dangerous than before.

He only tightens the grip of my hand even more and then takes a step forward again, I have no choice, but to follow him while hoping not to fall into the lake. Few more steps later, the waves seem stable and less dangerous for some reason.

As we half way across the lake, I feel like the wave is just something normal and ordinary which don't bother me at all. I bend down on the ledge and look at the reflection of myself. I look different, I seem different, and even I feel different as if the lake has some kind of superpower to make me forget all the horrible things that has happened in my life and start anew. Maybe that was how the owner of the old club thought of when he first found his place.

I smile looking at my own reflection in the water and wonder how long I haven't been able to smile freely like this, "You finally smile again," Taylor says turning around and looks into my eyes.

"You're saying I haven't been smiling?" I say and turn to him, giving him a different feeling of smile.

"Yes... I mean 'no'. 'Yes'... you have been smiling, but I can tell those weren't from heart, but I can claim how you smiled just now in the reflection was the real deal, this is beautiful, don't hide it," he explains then holds on his other hand.

I grip it then he pulls me up, "Let's go, there is more fun stuff in that house behind the tree," he adds. Meanwhile, I hide my face behind my hair, so he can't see my red face. I feel as if my face is burning.
Published: 2/4/2014
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