Meet Again (Chapter 1: The Meet)

A new mystery boy show up at school with scar on his shoulder! What's going on with him...
Elisa's POV

Just another ordinary day, but why does everything feel the same? Is it just me or other too feel the same. The sky shines above me, but I don't feel the light. Oh, there's one more thing stays the same... the glance. The glance that everybody gives me when I pass through the hall, ever since the day I lost my parent. There's no way to deal with it than to ignore.

As I enter my first period of Algebra, I spot an unfamiliar boy with his hood on, while he looks down. I come to know that he is sitting in my seat. I hold my head down and slowly walk to the empty seat behind that strange boy, don't want to cause any commotion and wish for the first bell to ring.

Mrs. Rose walks into the room when the bell rings as usual, "Morning, it's a lovely day, isn't it?" She greets us, and then continues, "Today we're..." She stops all of a sudden when she spots the strange new kid in my seat.

Mrs. Rose takes out her seat chat and searches for the name, "Um... Elisa Heart?" She asks confused.

"Elisa is a girl, Mrs. Rose, and that clearly looks like a boy," Nick who sits near the wall shouts. The entire class bursts into laughter. Mrs. Rose then remembers, "Um... Taylor Carter? Is that you?" Mrs. Rose asks looking at him.

He nods in response, Mr. Rose smiles, "The transferred student is great," Mrs. Rose mumbles to herself then adds, "Um...Taylor you can sit there from now on." Other students around me get a look, challenging me to raise my hand and tell Mrs. Rose 'that is my seat'. Instead, I shut my head downward and keep silent.

As the class goes on, I count down on the clock, looking for the moment of escape. From what looks like forever, the bell finally rings. I gather my books and rush toward the door. When I take a step, I trip on a backpack. As I fall, I grab onto anything that is close to me, but few second later whatever I grab rip off and I land on the floor.

"What the hack?" A kid shouts while walking out.

I open my eye and look toward Taylor; I realize I rip off his shirt by his shoulder. As his shoulder exposed, I can see lots of scary scars on there. It looks like it has been hurt and hurt lots of times. Taylor's hand reaches and takes out the piece of cloth from my hand.

"Sorry," a kind of sweet and kind of familiar voice said.

I immediately turn toward the source of the voice that said, "It's ok." I couldn't take my eye off his shoulder, so are everyone in the room.

He doesn't reply and walk off. Later, I try to stand by myself by holding onto the desk. The girls walk through the door giggle and said, "Even the new kid doesn't want to talk to her, but what's up with his scary scar? Do you think, he did that to himself?" I hear.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. When I open my eyes, Taylor stands in front of me holding an ice bag. He kneels beside me and places it on my ankle. "Will you stand up or do I need to call the nurse?" A same sweet voice flows out of his mouth.

I pull myself up with both my hands, "Thank you," I mumble, loud enough that he could hear.

He nods with a sigh of relief and let loose on his feet and it drops on the ground. I awkwardly stand up; place the ice bag on the desk.

I lift my feet in order to cross over him, but as I move my feet forward, he gives me a glance. I look straight at the glance, as my entire body freezes from the chill of his glance he have given me.

A loud whistle stops his glance and takes everyone's attention. A police officer leaning in the front door. He holds out his hand and moves his finger back and forth toward me. Before I could react, Taylor stands straight and walks toward him.

Taylor stops when he reaches two more steps away from the police. The police walks around him, looking up and down. Students gather at the door, mumbling about him. I'm standing there full in shock by the mumbling because for the first time in so many years, they mumble a topic that isn't about me.

"Ok, you're clear," the police says, pats Taylor on the back then walks out of the room.

Taylor sighs again, pulling his hood upward then walks out of the class. As he walks through the door, everyone stays away as far as possible. From where I'm standing, I could see a smile flashes through his face while everyone backs away. He then covers up his scar with the piece of cloth and carelessly walks down the hallway, like nothing has happened.
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Published: 1/15/2014
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