Meeting the Poet

Title says it all...
Hey all,

It's me again. I've decide to try something a little new for me... like giving you some back story to my writing. So first, let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Michelle Lynn Aspinall. I am 19 years old, and I live in Bakersfield, California. as you can guess from some-no, most - of my poetry, my life has not been the easiest, perhaps that is why you have been drawn to read my entries... do we possibly share some of the same horror stories of life? Hmm? But anyway. from being given up as a baby, to being adopted, to being kicked out of my parents house, to spending time in jail, to having been given a voice, to trying to find a place in this world... it's all here, or it will be here soon. I have written about death and dying, desperation, and pain. Love, romance, birth, and life. It's all here. I take my thoughts and give them voice on paper, then put them on iBuzzle, and give them wings.

To those who have commented on my poetry, thank you, and I hope you continue to read and talk about my selections of writing.

If you would like to contact me outside, my email address is "mich21590 at". If you are writing with a subject or topic for a poem request, please title your email with "poem request", then add your name, the topic, and some background info on what you want written about.

Thank you all so very much!

Michelle Lynn Aspinall
Published: 4/7/2009
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