About a girl named Senna.
In my heart you are not gone
I can still see you running down the street laughing as the wind blows
Remember the day when the wind stole your hat
You were so mad that I bought you another one
Just to see you smile again

Years have passed by and you have not changed
Watching the stars go by listening to your every word
Hearing the sound of your voice like it was yesterday
Makes me miss you even more
Back then it was just you and me together

Thicker than thieves we were
I can still see you, standing in front of me
Wearing that silly dress, that one with holes
The one your mom tried to throw out but you stole it back
And those old sandals that just never died

I remember the day I waved you goodbye
I remember that day clearly because I never truly got to say goodbye
Years have passed and I am still standing at your grave
Tears and flowers can’t make a proper goodbye
But I hope you know that I really loved you and miss you everyday.
Published: 11/27/2009
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