Merci, My Love...

A poem written for someone who means the world to me...

Merci for being with me
Merci for being patient and caring
Merci for holding me in your arms
With no care about the world that sees...

I wonder how you always know
The uncertainties that go on in my mind
Your instant calls never cease
To tell me "I love you" every day...

We have our share of ups and downs
Mischievous troubles, ready to part us
But it is YOU who holds on to Me
Whenever I think of saying 'Adios!'

I am surrounded by an aroha
When you say, "You will forever be mine"
I love the solace when I find
Your arms around me that hold me tight...

Merci for being with me
When things get rather patchy
Merci for lending a patient ear
When I ramble on and on...

I look forward for an adventurous life
On my journey with you in tow
I want to see myself grow old with you
And end my life knowing you will always be there...
By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Published: 2/14/2012
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