I wrote this for Michael after we met in 1977 and fell in love, but had to separate. We did get married in 1979 and had a beautiful daughter.
I feel the meaning rush deep through my soul,
The words I whisper come out too slow,
To say that I love you is hardly the way,
To express all the happiness you brought me today.

Deep down inside, it makes me cry,
I want to hold you in my arms until we die,
I want the memories that bring the pain,
To open my eyes and see the rain.

The longing to cling to you scares me,
Though love is blind, I still see,
The ocean in your eyes that washed me away,
The tide that brought me back to stay.

The moon was made for us to share,
Though miles apart, I know you're there,
I touched the stars with a kiss I blew,
And somehow I know the stars kissed Michael too!
Published: 10/4/2013
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