Mighty Mosquito - Part 2 (Birth of the Mosquito)

This is the continuation of Part 1, so read the story carefully to understand this.
After Soniya ate the mosquito on the previous day, her stomach started to pain very much. As we have been told, Soniya is a silent girl, but now on, she started to talk more with her friends. Even her friends were shocked and couldn't believe about the sudden change in her behavior.

She didn't talk directly with her friends. She murmured in her friends' ears. Her friends didn't like the new Soniya.

Soniya didn't even sleep at night afterwords. She didn't know why she was doing like that. Her parents felt sad because their daughter was sleepless all night.

Each day a totally new character is appeared for her, only after she had eaten the mosquito.

Soniya is a great non-vegetarian, but now, she just eats vegetarian food.

Nowadays, whenever her friends bring non-veg food, she will not ask for their food. She eats only vegetarian food. Thus, she became a pure veg fan. She started to eat fruits and vegetables very much. Thus, her parents and friends were afraid of her new change.

Everyone used to tease Soniya, because she used to be a fat girl. But after she ate mosquito, she became thin and tall.

No one could understand what's happened to her. Since she is thin, she became more beautiful.

(To be continued)
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Published: 6/25/2014
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