Mighty Mosquito - Part 1 (Soniya's History)

Read and comment below. Soniya, an undergraduate girl is the heroine of this story.
At present, Soniya is doing her post graduation. She is the topper of that college. Her boyfriend Vijay is the hero of this story. He is a veterinary doctor and a very brilliant man.

Soniya is a great non-vegetarian. She pulls her friend's food and eats as a whole. So, her friends don't like her behavior at all.

Whenever Vijay tries to kiss Soniya, she refuses it because she wants everything to happen after marriage.

Soniya is a very silent girl. She won't talk much to her friends. She likes to live alone.

She has a problem for many years that she swallows a mosquito every night during her sleep and spills it the next day morning when she brushes her teeth. One day morning, she couldn't find her mosquito in her mouth. So she thought that she had eaten up the mosquito.

Soniya likes to see adventure movies and wants them to happen in real life. She wants herself to become one of those characters.

(To be continued)
How was the beginning?
Published: 6/18/2014
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