Mighty Mosquito - Part 3 (Secret Revealed)

Read Part 2 carefully to understand the present story.
It's Sunday when Soniya went to doctor's home. Of course, her boyfriend Vijay was a doctor. Vijay was living alone after his parents' death few years back.

Vijay welcomed Soniya and offered her coffee. Once she done with it, Vijay tried to be romantic. He moved one of his hands on her hip, but she remained silent. Vijay was shocked because Soniya would usually shout at him even for a single kiss. Then he kept his another hand on her face, they became so close. She caressed him by placing her hands on his shoulders. So, Vijay was so happy to sleep with her. When he saw Soniya's calming expression which too looked happy, he couldn't believe on his eyes.

Soniya said, "God knows how a new character is appearing in me. I'm totally changed. My thoughts, behavior, and my views are changed. I don't know why? But I only know that it all happened only after I ate that mosquito."

Vijay conducted a blood test to know the cause of her sudden change in her character. After checking, he said, "Since you ate the mosquito, the mosquito's blood mixed with your blood, so the mosquito's DNA started reacting with your blood. This might be the reason for your drastic change."

Soniya said, "I used to like non-vegetarian food previously, but now I become a big fan of vegetarian food. But tell me one thing, mosquitoes are supposed to be non-vegetarians, then why does this change appeared in me?"

He explained, "Actually mosquitoes are pure vegetarians. No one knows about this fact. Everyone thinks that mosquitoes are non-vegetarians only because they suck blood. Do you know that the mosquitoes suck blood only during their pregnancy. Therefore, mosquitoes are pure vegetarians." Vijay continued, "do you know one thing, you won't even allow me to touch you. But today we shared a bed. Do you know why? Because mosquitoes mate with their partner anytime. This is the reason..."

Every things were getting clear to Soniya, she asked, "What do I do to get out from this mosquito's character?"

He said, "I know a great doctor, I will give you his contact number. I'll tell him about your problem and he'll surely help us. Don't worry dear."

Then Vijay said, "You are so beautiful," and kissed her. Once again they had sex that night, Soniya slept in his home.

At midnight, Vijay felt thirsty, so he woke up to drink some water and found out that Soniya was not on the bed. 'Is she gone missing,' he was afraid at this thought. He didn't know where to search her. Vijay was so sad and kept crying in the bed.

(To be continued)
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Published: 6/30/2014
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