Mighty Mosquito - Part 4 (The End)

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Next day in the morning, Vijay got a call from Soniya.

Sonia said, "Last night, I went to the hospital and took a tablet to abort the baby. If I became mother, I'll drink human blood and I don't want that to happen. So I aborted the baby and went back home. Today I've exam, so going to college."

Vijay replied, "All the best. Love you..."

Soniya too replied, "Love you too..."

Soniya went to college and appeared for the exam successfully. When she was returning home, she noticed a bomb blasted there and lot of damaged had caused. So, she tried to go by another way, but that would be too long. Once she tried to jump, and when she jumped, she and everyone were shocked, because that made her fly in the air. She just moved her hands up and then started flying in the sky. She was amazed with her flying power.

Then she reached home and take rest, when a police visited to her home.

The police said, "I saw your flying power on the road today at noon. I want you to do me a favor. The president is coming to Ripon building today evening. But a terrorist had threatened us that he had planted a bomb to kill the president. From that time our police network searched everywhere, but couldn't find the bomb. So we need your help."

Soniya nodded and started searching the entire city, but couldn't find the bomb. At the end, she went to Ripon building. There she saw the building was full of police force waiting to welcome the president.

She flew to the top of the building. The building was actually designed with the cup shape at the top. She glanced inside that cup and saw a beautiful bird. Soniya went to catch the bird, but that bird flew away.

To her surprise, inside the cup there was the bomb. She went near and took that bomb in her hand. She noticed that it's just 5 seconds remained for the blast. So she flew very high and far, and threw the bomb in the air.

The bomb blasted with a lot of noise and air. The president noticed it and thought it must be the crackers to welcome him.

Later, the police offered her to join military for her boldness to help the police and served to protect people. Soniya found herself so lucky to accept the opportunity.


Actually I wrote this story to encourage women to be bold to fight for themselves without depending on others, so that they can achieve anything like heroines. Thank you.
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Published: 7/19/2014
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