Mind and Mouth

Confessions from a person's mouth are sometimes far from what goes on in the mind of that person.
What an awful look on her face,
That invites both young and old for the race.
Just allow me into your life now,
And I’ll make your pride bow.

You look very enticing,
I’m sure, you’ll also be exciting.
Can I know you better,
For my life to be greater?

I know, you’ll not let a second pass,
What a very low standard and class,
So cheap and irrelevant;
Although for now, you’re very relevant.

I promise always to make you happy,
Even when it seems so clumsy.
And to be your companion,
When you are in need of an opinion.

What a horrific voice,
That sounds more like a noise,
Not pleasing my personality,
Nor helping my creativity.

Your voice is like that of a bird,
I wish, I can hear it every morning on my bed,
Every day will be a pleasant one;
And every week, a fulfilled one.

She allowed me in at last.
The fool that will soon be a past.
A past that will never appear in the future.
Neither will it ever have a taste of nurture.
Published: 8/28/2013
Bouquets and Brickbats