The mind games, which take us along untrodden paths and towards amazing destinations!
Traversing through the memory lanes, as I was,
A sudden jerk, or may be, a hitch.
What was that? to be precise... nothing!

Reaching the core wasn't a big challenge,
Rising above, finding the way, was something,
One couldn't have imagined!

While the crust was asleep,
And the mantle confused,
The core burned with life!

Sudden shifts, sudden twists and sudden turns,
It was all and the only thing being witnessed,
The mind, body and depth of soul still remained stressed, distressed!

Through the trials, tribulations,
Possibilities, expectations, interests, hatred,
Surfaced a single thing, the Mindquake!
By Shashank Nakate
Published: 3/22/2010
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